Monday, January 27, 2014

Sunday Reading - More Volunteers Fiction

Yes Believe it or not I actually came back and finished the little adventure of Jason and the Observation Post. As I mentioned I was working on it some weeks back and stepped away for a few brief minutes only to come back and find it gone. I suspect I hit the X instead of the minimize button but I never saw a box asking me if I wanted to lose my information.

Needless to say I was a bit pissed and it was hard to go back and start over. Then the real nasty cold hit and I had to push firewood cutting and keeping the house warm to the top of my list.

I updated the fiction page tonight and I think I remembered all the names and stuff. After almost a month I was a bit hazy on a few things.

Anyway not much just my attempts at fiction writing. Hope you enjoy it.

Fight or Flight Part III 

Jason could quite plainly see the lights coming towards them. The white glare was quickly followed by the tell tale flashing rotation of the police cruiser's lights so he knew there was more than one vehicle and it was a pursuit situation. Of course he had no way of knowing who or what was being pursued but the current circumstances automatically put Jason into a mood to defend anyone running from the police/homeland security thugs.

Next to him Austin was getting noticeably excited. "What do we do Jason?"

"Get ready to take a report. We need number of vehicles, types, speed, and any other noticeable information. Everything. Then we will get on the field phone and let Ed know what's afoot and give him our report to forward over to HQ."

Just as Jason finished giving Austin these instruction the first pair of lights topped the hill coming around the curve and promptly lost their grip on the road rolling end over end almost fifty feet out into the hayfield in front of the OP.

Jason had mentioned several months back that this particular hay field had a reputation, and the often patched fence, of being a drunk drivers end but no one really thought drunk drivers were anything to really worry about these days. None-the-less here they were with an overturned SUV and a local Ashton police cruiser now stopped less than 100 yards to the very front of the militia's forward observation post. And it had to happen on Jason's watch  complete with the most green assistant he could have possibly drawn.

"Some guys have all the luck" Jason whispered under his breath.

"OK Kid." Jason said to Austin in a low voice. "Don't do a damned thing unless I tell you  and take your finger off that trigger."

Jason couldn't actually see if Austin had his finger on the trigger but he was pretty sure he did.

"Let's just see where this leads. We got a pretty good view as they are still below us and that spotlight isn't in our eyes."

The driver of the SUV had begun crawling, limping, falling his way directly towards the wood line at a slight angle that would have taken him in maybe 20 yards or so North of the OPs position. The injured driver however barely made it a few yards before the two officers from the police cruiser had walked all the way up to him. One of the officers carried a shotgun while the other had only his sidearm, which was still holstered, and a flashlight.

To Jason's surprise the officer with the shotgun walked up to the injured driver and began kicking him and prodding him along with the muzzle end of his weapon yelling for him to move faster. The officer with the flashlight could be heard arguing with "Officer Shotgun" and telling him to settle down. After a few more yards Officer shotgun stopped and allowed the driver to crawl a bit further. At this point they were within range for Jason to make out what they were saying.

"You can't just shoot him Delgado" The Officer with the flashlight said. "County dispatch says they have an ambulance on the way and your own people are sending a fast reaction team in, they should be here within 15 minutes".

Jason recognized officer flashlight from his voice now. That was Eric Jungmeyer one of the only descent cops Jason had ever had dealings with.

"Ok Kid we are going to have to drop that guy with the shotgun." Jason whispered. "Don't do anything at all I am going to try and not have to shoot the other cop with the flashlight. As soon as this is over we are going to have to cut the line and scoot though so get ready."

It was about then that Officer Shotgun said loudly "That looks like it is far enough" and quickly shouldered the 870 taking aim at the injured driver who was now leaving a noticeable stain in the snow as he crawled away.

"This is how we take care of scumbags in the corp" Delgado pulled the trigger and blew most of the driver's top half of his head off. Before he could lower the shotgun to enjoy his sport however Jason's Chinadoll M1A barked loudly and sent a round through Delgado's throat just above his ballistic vest, as if it would have made a difference.

Before the echo of his shot had ended Jason quickly adjusted his aim and laid the front site directly on officer flashlight's  center mass.

"Don't so much as twitch" Jason yelled out.

"Put your hands on your head and stand perfectly still and drop that flashlight".

Jason then told Austin to walk out and disarm Eric but to be damned sure he didn't get between them.  After walking Eric back to the OP Jason had Austin take Eric's own handcuffs and cuff his hands behind his back then while Jason held their prisoner in place Austin began the emergency bug out procedures.

Four Hundred yards away in the basement of the little farm house Old Ed began winding in commo wire. He then sent a quick emergency gram down the telegraph letting the militia HQ know he was going dark and the OP had initiated the emergency bug out protocol. He also mentioned shots had been fired but not enough to sound like a full blown firefight. After all this Ed then spun around in his wheelchair grabbed a hammer and turned the old field phone into so much scrap plastic, canvasse and metal. Gathering up the pieces he opened the door to the little wood stove and tossed them as far into the back as possible adding a few sticks of wood on top.

He could clean out the wood stove later and no one would be searching it now until it burned itself out.

As Jason and Austin packed their way out leading/pushing a blindfolded officer Eric Jungmeyer between them. They crossed a few snow free gravel roads before heading out into the covered fields to eventually work their way under another stretch of woods with over head cover,  Austin surprised Jason with one comment.

"You were right they do always let you know they were in the Marines"

Jason had to chuckle a bit and surprisingly so did the blindfolded prisoner.

Half a mile away Jason could see the lights as another vehicle came over the ridge and into the curve on the scene of the wrecked SUV, abandoned patrol car and two dead bodies. Jason turned back and followed Austin and their prisoner into the underbrush disappearing into the darkness.


  1. It's a real gift to be able to put these stories together. I'm lucky if I can tell a joke without laughing long before the punch line. Writing a story? I have a hard time letting my imagination go, and then to put it down on paper... Well done!

  2. Nicely done, you have me wanting for more!!!

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