Thursday, December 5, 2013

So Far no Snow or Ice

Nothing but cold and frost so far and by the look of things the front of doom seems like it is going to pass way South of the Small-Hold.

Maybe Carolyn and Swampdog are gonna get buried though.

It was down to the lower 20's today and I attempted to stay inside but by about noon or so I couldn't handle it anymore so I pulled on the thermal underwear and went to work on one of my yard trees I been slowly cutting down.

I had to feel like I accomplished something today.

The tree in question is an old BoxElder at the end of it's life but not dead yet. The powerline guys did a number on it this Summer and so I decided it was best to just put it out of it's misery. Since it is still alive I am just pruning off branches every so often and adding them into the mix. A bit of live wood keeps the dead Locust from burning too hot so I  am trying to only cut on it as needed. By Winters end I plan on having that tree totally removed.

Tomorrow I am going to make it my priority to go out and see if I have enough odds and ends from past projects to bang together a couple of sleeping boxes for the barn cats. I need to get started on inside projects now but just haven't made the move yet. I am still in wood cutting mode it seems.

Tomorrow is suppose to be even colder than today so we will see what it brings.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!


  1. Not really covered in snow, but the ice pellets are STILL coming down, hasn't really stopped since around 9am this morning. I'm afraid our luck with the electricity staying on won't last much longer.
    Hunker down!

  2. its COLD here. 1 degree, -25 wind chill. I know why did we leave Fla warmth you ask?? I can't remember by brain is frozen.......

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  4. We are actually 64 F degrees this morning, such a nice change from the teens we had for a week. They are calling for your storm to get here on Sunday.

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  6. While all y'all are "enjoying" Alaskan weather, we're at the opposite end of the jet stream's S-curve, with temps in the low 30s.

    I hope the ice stays away from you.

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