Thursday, December 5, 2013

Alas Babylon

Harry made a comment on one of the posts today that jogged my memory a bit. As I was searching for sale priced books to download to my Nook I noticed that "Alas Babylon" is on sale for, if I remember right, .99 cents.

Ok it may have been $1.99 but I am almost sure it was only .99 cents because I went ahead and bought it figuring I would reread it and add it to my E-Library.

So if you have a Nook and want the book I just wanted to give ya a heads up.

I tried finding a way to combine my Nook and Kindle experience onto one tablet type affair but failed to find a compromise I liked or that felt right so I am mostly a Nook guy because well my Mother gave me one to be honest :)

I think someone talked her into buying a Nook so she could read her Beta-wave enhancing romance novels more easily and she went to ebay and bid on more than one and ended up winning a second Nook which became a gift to me. At first I wasn't too excited about it but it grew on me as a matter of fact and now I love the damned thing.

I was getting ready to put one of my old computers out in the shop so I could have web access to look up things (mostly reloading data) and was looking for a USB WIFI adapter so I wouldn't have to run a wire out there and discovered a neat little app that let's me control my computer with the Nook. Now I use the thing all over the immediate farm building area. It actually saved me a ton of money because I had enough sense to look up jumping the old 6 volt tractor battery before doing it a few weeks back. Had I not looked it up I wouldn't have ever thought about positive ground and would more than likely be replacing the tractors electrical system right about now.

Anyway doing a few chores and just stepped back inside to warm up a bit. Be back later with another post.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!


  1. I like my Kindle. I can read it ok because it has a "read" function where the words are a lot bigger and easier to see. I like being able to download magazines on it, too. I am letting my paper subscriptions expire and just going with digital because it doesn't take up any room and the Kindle organizes them for me. I can't think how many times I've spent going around looking for a specific magazine that I wanted an article from, and just having to sort through stacks of them.

    I don't think my Kindle will ever keep me off my computer, because it doesn't do a lot of things at all that my lap top does fine, but it's a handy thing to have.

    1. Harry - Ya about the only thing I would use my Nook for besides the books would be quick internet browsing but that is fine for looking up reloading data out in the shop.

      I just wish I could find a way to combine the Nook with a Kindle. There are instructions out there and I tried them but it just wasn't very fluid or seamless.

  2. PP,

    It's nice having that Nook or Kindle it comes in handy and can be used just about any where.

    1. Sandy - Ya I liked the thing. Didn't think I would honestly. Like I said though I wish there was a simple and seamless way to combine the two though.

  3. The latest kindles are basically android tablets. I am sure you can look up tractor details on them as well.

    My son grabbed my wife's kindle fire and has turned it into a (mostly free) gaming platform.

    1. Russ - Oh I am sure the Kindle is just like the Nook really. The Nook is basically an android tablet as well but to make it Kindle friendly requires booting it into the android operating system and the walk throughs I read were all for an earlier version.

      There really needs to just be an ap that allows both Kindle and Nook books to be read. I would be over joyed with that. Something where I don't have to go to the root and play around with stuff I don't really want to know about.

  4. What app did you use to control a computer from the Nook?


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