Saturday, December 7, 2013

Mandela - A Feminist Icon

It warms my heart to read all the bloggers out there who can see through the BS and realize Nelson Mandela was not only a blood thirsty Communist but a thief and race baiter as well.  What many do not realize is Mandela became the poster child that enabled Western Feminism to claim it's first, and only complete (so far), Societal/civilization victim: South Africa.

The truth is there was only one thing that endeared Mandela to the Western Feminist hags and politicians that pander to them and that was the decidedly White Male leadership of South Africa.

They know nothing of the history of South Africa, have more than likely never even heard of the Cape Town Colony nor do they have any idea how it was formed, why and by whom. They think a trekker is a "Star Trek" fan and a Boer is a wild Male pig. Even more reason to hate them.

What the Feminist knew was that Mandela was fighting against a Government represented by White Men and that was all they needed to know. The rest could be glossed over, forgotten or made up as they went along.

The destruction of South Africa and the genocide of the Boer people is rarely mentioned today but stands as a testament to the ultimate end of Feminist driven Multi-Culteralism. The economic and political power of Western Feminism sacrificed the entire group of Boers, male and female, to strike at the imaginary patriarchy much like they are doing to rural America today and attempting to do to Israel under the "Palestinian" myth.

Mandela and South Africa were a convenient way of paying lip service to the lie of the Multi-cult while in truth costing the Feminist nothing with no risk involved. They knew it would also strengthen the hold they had on their minority allies as well.

These days White landowners are hunted, their children and wives tortured and raped. South Africa's air force cannot even afford to fly half the time and their submarines cannot be repaired. The country is a mess and what few White who remain cannot find sanctuary because to bring them in would confirm the failure Western Feminism created.

Many may look at Mandela and know he was a Communist just as many say Feminism is a form of Communism but the truth is modern day Feminism is what remains of Communism. Communism itself was dying by the 60's and finished off in the 80's. Especially Western Communism.  What few hold outs that remain across the globe are those who managed to hide behind the Minority curtain that Western Feminism gives them as a pass. The exception is China which is an entirely different animal.

Much like Detroit, South Africa is a glimpse into the future the Feminist have in store for us all and Mandela was nothing more than one of those children you see on a commercial asking for money to fight hunger.

A useful tool.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!


  1. dear sweet jesus (pronounced hay-zoos) - am i a bad person because i have been expecting a post about this since his death? am i bad because i waited with anticipation to see what you would say? am i bad because i really enjoyed reading this?

    yep. it's official. i'm going to hell! your friend,

    1. LOL Sweet Kymber. I waited to see how things were going to spin out with this. I was actually so pleasantly surprised at the number of posts painting him as he was that I really didn't feel the need to jump on the band wagon too fast.

      More important to me is what the Western Feminist dominated countries did to the Afrikaners and that they allow it to continue, even help it.

      Here is an article which says almost the same things I do only doesn't make the Feminist connection.

      Thanks for commenting and tell Jamby I said howdy...

      And Kiss a Fish!!!

    2. oh gosh - i'm laughing so hard i can barely type - check your email and you'll understand! jamby would say hi back but he is laughing too hard too! i will check the article out - thanks for referring it! but first i have to stop laughing.

      i suggested the kissing a fish thing at the event last night - it went over like a lead balloon. but i really appreciate your trying to help us make more money - bahahahahahah! ya nutter!

      your friend,

  2. After 15 min of hearing about him dieing. I changed the channel. He did nothing for me. To me he is just another black politician. Can you just see all the crap of praise when Obama finally passes. .


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