Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Fair Retirement Act

What's next on the Femocrat/Daddy Government playlist? Well it certainly wouldn't surprise me to see the next big Obummer lie going something like....

If you like your retirement plan you can keep your retirement plan.

The groundwork is already being laid down Ladies and Gentlemen.

Many Blacks, Latinos have no retirement savings

Wasn't that just the opening these highwaymen in office used to start the Obamacare fiasco?

Towards the end of the article we see some of the "Money Quotes"

But that money, while growing, is not distributed equally, many argue. Most of the money is being saved by higher income Americans, while many working class and low-wage workers are struggling to even earn regular full-time hours at work. 

And then we have

 “One of the big issues here is a gap in access,” Oakley said. “We have what is essentially a voluntary retirement system and what we know is when we look at minority households, their access to retirement plans on the job is much less than that for whites.”

It is reported that Americans have somewhere in the neighborhood of 20+ Trillion Dollars in retirement savings. Wouldn't that go a long way towards paying down the debt and fixing the Public Pension plan problems all across the country?

Just remember it won't be a tax, just a fee.

And they will have to pass it to see what's in it.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!


  1. ... and the retirement funds will "magically" disappear from accounts all over the country ... (and yet - even then - the deficit will NOT go away). But the people will definitely be screwed.

    1. RP - My bet is they will start with some type of mandatory percentage of government bonds and requiring all employers to offer retirement accounts and deposit funds into them.

      And you're right no decrease in the deficit at all.

  2. How's this for you..."If you like your house you can keep it," or "If you like your children/spouse/religion you can keep them."

    1. Bet those will be coming as well. Sorry to say.

  3. And don't forget all the money is property of the government, it even has their name on it. They just let you use it.

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