Saturday, December 14, 2013

Digging Out

I guess this counts as our first official snowstorm of the year. We got a dusting the other day but unless I have to shovel or blade it I don't really count it as a snowstorm.

Of course since it was enough snow to make the roads hazardous guess who just had to get out in it for some reason?

Yep. I am sure you only needed one guess if you have been reading my blog for a while.

Mrs. PP


This morning she wakes me up all sad because she had a hair appointment so there I was putting big chunks of wood in the truck and getting everything ready for a day of running the wife around in the snow.

We actually got a fair amount of snow up here, enough that the bottom entrances of the bee hives were covered. Now you see why I insisted on adding the small top entrances to all my hives. This way I won't have to drive and walk through the snow to make sure the bees have enough air getting in. Unless it gets high enough to cover the top entrances and if that happens around here I will have plenty of other problems to worry about regardless.

See my lovely duct taped on insulation sheets around the brood chambers of the hives? I sure hope that works to keep the girls all toasty warm inside this Winter.

While we were out running I stopped by and shoveled off my Dad's walk and drive putting down some ice melt because it looks like it was thawing some but I knew the temps would drop this evening.

When we got back home I realized that although the snow was light to the South of us while we were in town we did get at least the 4 to 6 inches at the Small-Hold and the county road crews had pushed enough snow into out driveway that the Wife's car might have issues getting in and out.

I probably didn't need to but I went ahead and got the tractor out and bladed down the driveway. Whenever my adorable and accident prone Wife is involved in any scenario it is best to be over cautious.

Luckily all the work and snow removal/pushing didn't disrupt the cat's any.

Why he didn't even seem to mind being pushed off the keyboard so I could type this up. Barely opened an eye to look at me over the entire affair until he realized he was hungry.

You would think with all the chauffeuring, shoveling, wood cutting and keeping the house warm I do all Winter I would get a little more appreciation around here. Ya I know good luck with that :)

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!


  1. One of our cats just raked her claws across the storm door to let me know she was ready to eat yet again. We had mostly rain all day with a little sleet. It was not a pleasant day out but at least I didn't have to go anywhere. I'll bet those bees are huddled together in there.

  2. You really did get some snow. I'm glad your bees are doing ok through all of it. I would have just asked my wife to reschedule the hair appointment, I only go out in snow in a vehicle for real emergencies.

  3. Welcome to our world. We awoke to snow again, just a dusting but enough to shovel. It is going to be a long winter
    I saw that you had snow. Sucks to drive in...

  4. After all was said and done I went outside to look around, hit a patch of ice, was grabbing at thin air, legs went flying, passed gas and landed on my back and said a few cuss words. Only my pride was hurt. Dogs were barking and the next door neighbor who is more graceful than me, came over to see if I was okay as I lay there looking up at him. I moved to get up and let a big one escape that could be heard in Detroit. He laughed and said I'd make a fortune in the bottled gas company. Why do these crazy things always happen to me.

    1. eileen...I know it wasn't funny for you to fall but your writing about it was funny!

    2. Thank you Mamma Bear. Even I have to laugh at the funny stuff that happens to me.

  5. cold and raining here today. In the 40's and temps will drop all day. I need a sunny day to check on my bees. Have to see how much honey is in there and if I need to feed the little girls. They are still flying when it warms up. I have no idea what they are collecting. Everything looks brown, dead and ugly around here.

  6. You're welcome to come help me clear the 12" out of my driveway this morning. I'll even put on another pot of joe. :)

    Good luck with that whole appreciation thing. After 33 years of marriage, at least my wife is now willing to help shovel the snow.

  7. oh YAY! Snow! looks so pretty. Our weather is finally more winter like. Cloudy, very windy and temps dropping. But yet for some reason my neighbors all think its okay to let their kids run around in shorts and shoe-less...


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