Monday, December 2, 2013

Been Out of It Today

I spent almost the entire day cutting firewood as usual (Imagine that). These warm dry days are just too good to pass up this time of year. If I don't get every stick and log in that I can right now come January or February I will be wishing I had. I didn't make it home until after dark this evening and I am beat.

The above tree is the big one I took down. If you look really closely you can see I left my hatchet imbedded in the trunk about in the middle of the tree to give you some idea how big this baby was. I had to step back so far it's hard to see the hatchet unless you know it's there. I got almost two cords of small stuff from the tops of these trees and am now starting on the larger stuff that will have to be split. I figure there is at least a load and a half left in this one and I can take it right to the split pile now as I cut it. Just as well because I don't have anymore room left in the smaller racks unless I add another row.

I couldn't ask for a better fall on that big tree. She came down balanced off a branch I had already cut and leaning against a small live tree that is going to be saved. I will be able to cut all but about the middle 10' section of this old girl up without needing to roll her over or worry about her pinching off my chainsaw bar.

This is one of the smaller ones. You can see she snapped off that Cedar as she fell. This was one of a trio that grew together I called the sisters. You can see this one's stump on the right. I figure there's about another load and a half left in those three as well.

Here is the other two of the sisters. Once I get these four cut up and hauled away I have a nice old White Oak right behind them I'm going to get. After that I figure I can slow down a bit and perhaps just go out cutting once a week or so as weather permits. I'm eager to get into the shop and do some reloading, bullet casting and bee hive building but getting a good jump on the firewood has to come first.

As I said I figure there is at least another three loads or so of larger stuff that will need to be split and I haven't topped one of the sisters yet along with two other smaller trees I felled in this go around. If I can add the White Oak to the mix I should be just about set for firewood except for all the splitting.

Of course I usually way under estimate how much I will end up using so I will probably be jonesin by late February once again.

Now I need a shower and off to bed. I will catch up on comments and stuff tomorrow.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!


  1. Those will work up in to some good wood. Funny how hard it is to show how big a tree is. I take photos and it looks like a pile of brush but it might be two truck loads. Have a good rest and hit again tomorrow.

    1. SF - Ya. I could stand inside the trunk of that first tree easily but yet it looks small in the pictures.

  2. That's a lot of work, but it sure pays off.

    1. RP - I admit I tend to over do it on the wood burning right now. If it was a case of real collapse living I wouldn't be running my big furnace and I wouldn't be keeping it 75 degrees like I do now. I would just run my small stove and worry about keeping one room warm more than likely.

  3. I'm still a newbie but I cut up about a weeks worth of my mill ends and the apple wood is already cut for the stove. I think it's kind of unique how I don't think of seasons but of the work I need to get done.


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