Sunday, December 1, 2013

Another Beautiful Day

It was such a beautiful day I almost couldn't make myself go and cut wood but this is the only day I was able to have a partner around for the entire week and I had to take advantage of it.

Instead of just felling, cutting and loading though I decided since the only really dangerous part is dropping them down I would just fell about half a dozen trees and then I can go cut em up alone the rest of the week.

Generally speaking if the tree is bigger around than my torso I don't mess with dropping it without someone around to play spotter. There are exceptions of course like if the tree is in the open but with all the wild grape vines and small springy saplings around I have had enough close calls that I just don't risk it if I don't have to.

As it turned out today the monster Honey Locust I dropped first also had a hollow spot it was hiding and did a little unexpected twist on me as it fell. As it turned out it actually saved a smaller tree I was afraid was going to get squished so it worked out well but gave me a bit of a fright as I had a very restricted retreat avenue open.

I estimate I have at least five or six full loads on the ground now which should take me all week to haul out and opened up access to an old standing dead White Oak I want bad.

I'll take some pics tomorrow when I go back.

So the trade off was that I spent a lot more time cutting today then I had originally planned so I didn't get the Sunday reading story finished like I wanted to.

So Stay Tuned I should be able to finish it off tomorrow I expect.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!


  1. I love finding them already on the ground and dislike dropping them. I have seen them seem to fly through the air some how and the base touches the ground yards from the trunk. It is a spectacular thing to see and feel when they fly especially if falls away from you. I almost dropped one on my truck once but moved it even though it was no where near the tree, it was one of those flying trees and would have smacked the truck as it turned out.

  2. Are these tree for this year's burn or years to come.?? I love the smell of fresh cut wood, and the smell of the fire. Reminds me of being out in the country. Oh wait, I am in the country. LOL

  3. You are wise. I went out a couple of months ago with a pruning hook and cut a branch on a poplar that was getting too near the house. It wasn't a clean cut and it swung down and knocked me flat. Having someone with you when you are working with trees in whatever respect is a good idea.

  4. Dad and I went and got a load of Apple wood. Dad now has a good reason (his thinking) that I need a chop saw. Of course he will need to get a bigger and better chop saw to replace the one he gives me. Mom is going to flip

  5. OT I forgot did you get my address via email? I haven't heard anything so far and I will ship the coin to the winner when I get an address. Rob has my physical address as well.

  6. So if a tree falls in the forest, and the author can hear it, nobody hears the story.

  7. It can be hard for me to get motivated sometimes myself, but once I'm actually getting something accomplished it's nice to look back and see all I've done. Nice work.

  8. dropping trees seems scary-there is too much that can go wrong with it. Up at the Estate we have a few that do need to come down. But we also need to get an old trailer out of the way before we do that..


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