Friday, November 1, 2013

Link and Content Changes Incoming

The last three days have been solid rain here at the Small-Hold. My gauge showed over 3 inches this morning as the sun finally made an appearance once again. I still have not put away the rain barrels and they are once again filled to the brim.

Now that colder and wetter weather will force me to spend more time inside I am going to begin reviewing several of my blog links. I have noticed a few blogs who have been getting the benefit of my links are not linking back. Those blogs will be removed or I might create a separate link category for some very special cases. So if you have a blog and wish to stay linked at the top you might want to consider giving a link back. I also plan to re-evaluate what section several blogs currently inhabit as some have changed focus while others I plainly did not label correctly to begin with.

I am also going to bring back my "Bees and Blooms" Page which I removed last year along with hopefully presenting some fiction content I have been working on. Prepper Porn if you will.

Stay tuned for changes both new and returning content.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!


  1. An understandable move; no linky love, no free publicity.

  2. That front came across us this morning and was a lot of wind and some sprinkles. Sunny this afternoon.

  3. Replies
    1. GM - Sweet I will move your blog back to the linked column :)


  4. You may keep my link or cut me lose. Doesn't matter to me. I will still be around to give you a hard time. Big Grin.

    1. Do you have a cattle prod I can use.??..bahahah

    2. LOL - a moment in prepper history never to be lived down!

  5. OMG, Link? What link? Am I supposed to be linking something?! Auuugggghhhhhh!

  6. I have been on the road a lot, so I either write some posts on the weekend, or I never catch up. Thus my recent come and go appearances.

  7. I to am finally getting to spend a little more time on my blog since it is getting colder out. I have been wanting to do a linl list just have not had time hopefully I can get it started soon. I love the way you have your broke up into diffrent categories if you don not mind I may barrow that idea from you when I get ready to do my link list.


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