Monday, November 11, 2013

Helping Hand - Mission Accomplished

Mission Accomplished and let me just say the blogging community has really stepped up and helped Rob and his family out here. Everyone who donated money, prizes and/or time deserves a big thank you and a pat on the back.

We were over half way to the mark when a very generous donation came in. I am not sure if they want their name openly posted as yet as it was reported as an anonymous donation from Rob earlier today. I will get that straightened out before the final tally post coming up by this weekend.

The $1000.00 mark needed to get Rob and his family into the new place is met and we now also have a surplus of $200.00 to cover other expenses with a few more donations still coming in and/or promised.

Jacked Up Glock Mom over at Tales from the Clothesline has also added a six pack of her Hand Designed Christmas Cards as a prize. We will let Rob work with those who made donations and get the prizes out to everyone as soon as possible.

So nothing get's forgotten we have:

$50.00 Gift Card for Wal-Mart
1 ounce Silver Coin
6 Hand Designed Christmas Cards
a 12oz. jar of Raw Honey (Filtered, no medications, no heating)

Did I forget anything? If so let me know ASAP.

Thank you to each and everyone. I know for a fact Rob was moved beyond words by all of your generosity, thoughts and prayers.

This is how a community be it a local thing or a virtual one like we have should come together and truly help those in need.

Bless you all

And Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!



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