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Happy Thanksgiving and bit of Fiction

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone. If your traveling stay safe and no matter what enjoy the holiday!!!

I am posting another few pages of my fiction exercise in case someone get's bored and needs something to read today. I know I often like to sneak off and read during family get togethers but never seem to remember to bring a book with me.

With a little luck I will finish fleshing out the ending to this tale by Sunday.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!

Jason looked over the small berm in front of the OP holding back the poncho liner covering as he scanned the ground to his front using the cheap Gen 1 night vision monocular they brought with them. It was a good night for such a device. Newly fallen snow and a bright moon almost three quarters full lit up everything to his front in the green view finder. The hay field, road and trees across the road were eerily illuminated. Not 30 minutes ago Jason had watched a pair of red fox walk casually across the field with a view so crisp he could see one of them was carrying a mouse in it's maw.

"Psssst, Jason"

Jason looked over at the slightly darker spot within the overall blackness that was the inside of the observation post.

"What is it now Kid?"

The Kid's name was Austin. Austin Miller. He was all of maybe 18 or 19 years old but had become a member of the Militia after his family was "disappeared" by a DHS task force team early last Summer.

The team had hit hard and fast in the middle of the night while Austin was out with some friends violating the mostly ignored curfew laws and those of his parents as well.  No one could say for sure what had happened or why Austin's family had been targeted but from the accounts of the aftermath Jason had heard, there was little doubt Austin's parents at least were no longer among the living. What happened to his sister was still not known but a neighbor did report seeing her being loaded into one of the SUV's on her own two feet while two other bodies were wrapped in sheets and assumed to be Austin's parents.

Austin had no other family within the county and when a close family friend went to town to ask about his sister that friend disappeared as well. From that point on Austin had become a Militia member. Constantly on the run and assumed to be KoS (Kill on Sight) by the Federal teams and agents. Not even Austin had any clue as to why.

That particular raid was also the one that decided the destruction of the side roads. The team had passed the OP but turned off and crossed Hawthorn Creek to their target before the Militia could mobilize and get a handle on where they were heading.

"What did you do in the Army" Was Austin asked next.

"I was a turret mechanic for M-60 tanks over in Germany"

"Oh. Then you didn't ever have to actually shoot anyone back then did you?"

"We weren't in any war back then kid, and you better get some sleep."

Austin had spent a month after the raid and loss of his family training at the Militia basic camp off to the East towards the very center of the county. Jason kinda knew where it was although he had never been there in person. Jason had joined the militia long before the need for secret training camps were around.

Not a bit sleepy yet, Austin then asked "Do you think we will need to shoot anyone from here?"

"This mission and OP is for sounding the alarm and letting the West camp know if a Fed convoy or assualt team enters the county from here" Jason responded. "It isn't for armed defense or starting a firefight. You know that. You were at the same briefing I was."

" I know, we are to watch and report only. But what if some Fed troops discovered our position or something? Would we fight back then?"

" You were briefed on that as well. If our position is compromised we defend ourselves, crank the field phone once, cut the wires then bug out taking the phone with us and dumping that gallon of fuel oil in the hole and lighting it if we can. Old Ed back in the house knows to wind the wire back up if no one is talking after the field phone goes off and we are to bug out South through the woods away from the house and proceed to the low water bridge to the Southwest and await a hook up there."

"I would also recommend each of us take one of these sewn up poncho liner/emergency blanket combos to cover up in just in case the Fed guys have their drones back now." Jason continued.

"I know all that" Austin replied "I am just not sure I can shoot someone."

Jason thought long and hard about his answer. He wasn't worried nor did he think less of Austin for having doubts. Hell all of them had doubts.

Finally Jason said "Just imagine your target was one of the guys on that raid that took your family and you will find the resources you need kid."

"But if you have more than one target how do you decide which one to shoot first?"

"I always make it a point to shoot at the one shooting at me." Said Jason. "Or if they haven't started shooting yet I always lead with the ones who had been Marines before joining the Fed agencies."

"How do you know which ones had been marines?" Austin asked.

After a few seconds Jason turned his head towards the black spot and said " Whether they are good guys or bad guys. Asshats or brothers in arms, one thing is always the same with ex-marines Kid. They will always let everyone within earshot know they were in the corp before they ended up here like everyone else. Always."

 Austin fell silent and Jason was once again appreciating the calm and quiet when he heard the sound of engines coming down the road fast and could see the headlight splash lighting up the ice crystals in the air above the trees across the road. Jason didn't hear any sirens but he could tell there was also a flashing light showing above the trees and mixing with the headlight glare. From the sound of the engines who ever or what ever was coming was going entirely too fast for the curve they were about to suddenly come up on.

Taking down the caution signs along the road had been Jason's idea too.


Lavideous Clay was just a common street thug, gang banger from the South side of St. Louis around the Forest Park area. During his teenage years he had amassed an impressive number of minor theft and drug charges spending a couple of years in juvenile facilities hosted by State tax dollars. During his last stint Lavideous' mother managed to get approved for section 8 housing and had moved herself and her remaining three children North into Florrisant. When Lavideous had gotten out the last time he began staying with his mother occasionally and picking up contacts up that way eventually hanging out with a group of like minded "Youfs" at the local outlet mall.  Lavideous decided one day to impress his friends by sucker punching an old White dude. Try as he might however he couldn't find a old man suffeciently alone, in the open and unaware enough to be safely attacked so he switched targets to any "YT" available and eventually settling on a slightly over weight woman who had made some comment about him and his friends blocking the entrance on her way out.

Didn't that bitch know not to look at or speak to him?

As she waddled across the parking lot Lavideous swiftly caught up to her from behind after getting his groups attention and swung as hard as he could into that "bitches Face" knocking her down and cutting her forehead open with one of his rings.

Lavideous danced his way triumphantly back to the group enjoying their laughter and catcalls when he heard the siren behind him. In his haste to take that "White bitch out" he had not noticed the police cruiser rolling slowly between the rows of parked cars. He turned around and was surprised to see a local officer coming towards him fast while the officer's DHS companion leveled an M4 at his chest and telling him to freeze.

Lavideous could now add assault to his long list of crimes and to make matters worse his victim turned out to be the lesbian "partner" of a local activist judge. Lavideous had finally run afoul of a group more protected than his own and no longer a minor was swiftly sentenced to three years at one of the new work and re-education programs out in the sticks.

It wasn't all bad though. Mostly they assigned him work details mowing the lawn at parks around the university or cleaning buildings. He could stop work and try and get the little White sluts to talk to him and had managed to even score some weed occasionally when he wasn't being supervised directly. The councilors and guards were only there to draw a pay check anyway. Lavideous was surprised to find out most of them were just like him only a couple of years older and shared the same hatred for Whites in general as he did. His "jailors"  had just learned to scam the system at a greater level and pick up nice pensions at "YT's" expense while doing so.

Everything got crazy once again when Lavideous had spied out a young White girl and started a conversation up with her as she was leaving the building he was working in. He got a bit agressive attempting to get her to go downstairs with him to the basement and the girl broke away screaming for help.

With his supervisor/guard no where to be seen Lavideous fled out the back of the building and stole a shiny new Jeep SUV a few blocks away after pulling some bitch and her kid out of the front seat while they were parking. He then just drove not really knowing which way to go or even where he was for that matter.  After several hours of driving around without knowing where he was going Lavideous finally found himself on a highway heading South long after the sun had went down. Finally he turned onto another small highway and planned to drive until his gas ran out then find some place to hole up and get his bearings. Shortly after leaving the large highway he blew right through a combined police/DHS checkpoint and was now being pursued by one of the cars and two officers that had been manning it.

Lavideous pushed the gas peddle all the way down hoping to lose the police on the twisting road. As he came up a steep hill and started around the curve  he had no idea how fast he was going and no clue just how sharp that turn actually was.

to be continued...


  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you, too - and good job with the story. It's not too hard to wipe out on curves approaching Hillsboro, either. :)

    1. Thank you RP, And ya those curves will get ya.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving Preppie and family! I have to go back and find the start of your book later today. We have already had our feast. Mom and I just finished the dishes, the boys are watching the James Bond marathon so I will look forward to reading your story.

  3. Did the gal happen to work at a warehouse with a fork lift operator we all know and love at one point?

    1. I said slightly over weight in the story didn't I? Not gargantuan :)

  4. am loving the story PP...can you put links to each bit of it on your sidebar or at the header of your blog? Happy Thanksgiving to you, my good buddy, i hope it is a lovely day for you and all of yours!

    your friend,

    1. yeah and then I won't have to go look for it! I'm lazy!

    2. OMG You two. Happy T-Day :)

      Look at the top of the blog and see a tab named Volunteers Fiction. All the stories posted to date are up there except the latest one (This one) Which I will copy over tot he page tomorrow.

      I trust you two lovelies had a great day and will have a wonderful weekend!!

  5. Happy Thanksgiving, and I'm really enjoying the story.

    1. Thank you K you too. I am glad people like them I enjoyed writing em and I am trying to give it them a more common man theme or background.

  6. I enjoyed this story as an after dinner read. Great beginning! I look forward to more. Thanks!


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