Monday, November 18, 2013

Fund Raising For Rob Update

The New place to live fund raiser was a success. Rob needed $1000.00 to get him and the family into a new place and we raised $1250.00 overall.

I am going through the list now to determine who gets what or even wants what if you will. I am going to email the top four who donated and and then go down the list. In the event of a tie the first donation of that amount will hold precedence.

Another words if four people donated $50.00 and that is the 3rd place amount then the first who donated would be number 3 and the second number 4 if you get my meaning.

First prize was the $50.00 Gift certificate donated by Matt
Second Prize were the hand crafted Christmas cards donated by JuGM
Third Prize was one once of Silver donated by Myadventures
Fourth Prize was a bottle of Honey donated by Me

I will be emailing the top four who donated this evening and tomorrow to see if there are any who pass a prize which will then be offered to the next in line. So bear with me for a few days as I do not feel comfortable announcing the names as yet because the list I have does not include blogging handles.

JuGM and MyAdvent I will send you an email with the info for the second and third place winners if that is alright with you guys?

Once again thank you all very much you came through when it was needed most.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!


  1. That is awesome! Yes that is fine, shoot me an email when you get it all squared away

  2. Again thanks to everyone who donated to my family, and thanks to Matt & P.P. for being true friends. We are so blessed

  3. ALL OF THE JUGM'S CARDS ARE BELONGS TO ME!!!! i mean it - she makes the most beautiful cards! and i intend to win them and then send them to the 1st place winner...who is a friend of mine and she will love those cards! PP - we should chat over email and save some postage. you can send her the 1st place win and the cards all in one.

    thanks to everyone who helped Rob's so nice to see everyone come together!

    your friend,

    1. Your Pretty sure of yourself there little girl.

      Hey I emailed you, or I think I did lol. Please email me back so we can work this out :)

    2. PP - not so sure of myself - i just want JUGM's cards - bahahahah! i want them...but i want the first-place winner to have them - like i said - she will love them.

      no email from you yet buddy - send to

  4. I'll pass, thanks anyway. Postage to Germany is costly and german customs are a PITA.


    1. Very Well Jeff... I will redirect that prize then to the next one on the list. Thank you!!!


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