Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Mother Nature - Or how I learned to Love the Collapse

I had the misfortune of clicking on a link that lead to a rant from a typical unhinged Liberal Femocrat this evening. The usual drivel was spewed forth as always accusing everyone of listening to Rush Limbaugh and watching FOX news. Then I read the other Liberal talking points which opened with a war on women and even included something about Bush of course and how he spent more money than Obummer has.

That last one always boggles my mind when the US debt was sitting at 10 Trillion in 2008 and is now so far over 17 Trillion they broke the clock to try and stop it. In five years time the debt has soared well above the 5 Trillion Bush managed spend in eight years.

Even having facts like the debt right there in black and white means nothing to these lunatics which kinda destroys their other attempts at lying, like "no one is after your guns".

Although I am sad to see what the Liberal Femocrats have done to this country in their attempt to wrestle control and enslave all White Men to laboring for their "some are more equal than others" equality. I have to say after reading meaningless drivel like I mentioned above makes me daydream of better times to come.

While some days I think nothing would be worth the elimination of cheap energy, instant communications and running water when I look at the debt and the constant bills we are handed in some foolish attempt at social engineering dreamed up by these idiots, I realize whether I want it or not it's coming.

So I might as well get prepared to make the best of it.

The danger even now of course is if these escapees from the mental ward manage to take all that I own before we get to the final collapse stage. That is the cloud floating over all that I have managed to accomplish the last several years.  We must never forget they are going to try and do as much damage as they can before this decline puts us out of their reach.

The best we can hope for now is that one of the looming events explodes before these Liberals have a chance to bleed us dry. If we can achieve that best case scenario we still lose much. Some good some bad.

So while I will miss grocery stores, I won't miss standing in line behind the over weight welfare queen and her screaming kids trying to get her EBT card to go through. For the 20th time.

I will miss my vehicles, especially my truck, but I won't miss the constant traffic and congestion nor the ability that fuel lends to being able to transport tyranny anywhere it wants.

I won't miss affirmative action or wasting so much of my hard earned money paying taxes for someone else's distorted view of equality.

I will miss modern medicine eventually I am sure, but it isn't like my kind get's equal preference in that sphere these days anyway.

I won't miss insurance premiums or biased rules over charging one group to pay for another.

I will definitely miss hardware, lumber and farm supply stores. No really I will miss them alot.

I won't miss being afraid to defend myself knowing that even if I do fight off one attacker I am still going to be attacked by the government.

I won't miss being constantly penalized for my own financial stability to pay for someone else's lack of it.

I will miss instant communication and reading news or opinions whenever I want, but I won't miss constantly being told how I should think.

Best of all however is that I won't miss Multiculturalism, Feminism or Socialism because those things will last about 15 minutes after the lights go out.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!


  1. The possibilities get down right entertaining.

  2. Hannity pulled up a clip from 2006 when then senator obama said " we can not keep raising the debt ceiling" etc. etc. etc...
    What a hypocrite!
    But you are right, when the lights go out, it will be comical to see the feminists and others reaction..they thing government will be there to take care of everything... Actually, what I can't wait to see is the reaction from people if an EMP were to hit, and they can't get on their little cell phones anymore and update social media statuses

  3. I agree that the biggest unknown factor is whether the collapse will precede the Nanny's attempt to confiscate our firearms & anything else they find of value.

    1. We have concluded (could be wrong) that confiscation attempts will increase as the collapse become imminent. TPTB will know before the sheep. Most of us here, all ready know it is coming. Maybe not in my lifetime, but all preps are considered great inheritances in our family.

  4. The rant you are talking about happens when you mix booze and pain pills. I feel sorry for those who blame everyone else for their problems. I have problems and issues, the ones that are my fault I don"t talk about.

    1. It may be "booze and pain pills" but in the end, it is truly what is in the man's heart that you are hearing. He is consistent with his themes and his rants are cyclical. The man is a hater. He even admits that his own family won't have anything to do with him. Why do you defend him?

    2. I am not defending him. I was stating what causes his problems. Booze and pills are a bad combo.

  5. The point you make about the libtard, leftist commies taking everything we have before the collapse is through is valid and part of their plan. I thinks by if us 'regular people' so to speak have done a good job resisting. The libtard commies know this.

    Just the other day my libtard commie neighbors from Colorado who openly brag about their near disarming of Colorado were lamenting about the shutdown of the government and the debt ceiling and that Obama should raise it. Right. That way our kids can pay for their frivolity. The husband contracts with the government and is all worried that his position will stop with the gov shutdown. While I do not like to see people suffer, this the same couple that also bragged about the cheap labor they got from Mexicans working on their house back in Colorado. Sure. Cheap for them, but us middle class stiffs foot the Medicaid and ER bills for these Mexiturds.

    The rules are always different for Libturds as they perceive themselves as the elite and untouchable.

    I was about feminism with regards to working rights, after that the rest is lost on me.

    I think people will have to start hiding their money.

  6. I wasn't trying to identify the individual. I did find it confusing that such obvious liberal rants were linked from the site I was reading though.


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