Sunday, September 22, 2013

Apparently some of you Men need a reminder

Yes it seems a few of the guys have embraced their whipped Beta Male side and become a little too comfortable in the captured domesticity department.

Brow beaten and hen pecked they simply say "yes dear" and accept their fate.

At first I thought about getting them (and they know who they are all you have to do is read this post and the comments to find out for yourself) a nice prescription from a true Alpha male doctor.

But from reading the comments I am convinced most of them are well passed getting any help "Naturally".

So it's on to the shaming language.

 Perhaps it isn't too late.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!

That is if the little Mrs. will let you and you can remove your ahh members from the Mayonnaise jar that she keeps in the freezer.


  1. Wow someone needs to cut back on the caffeine. LOL. Have a good week buddy.

  2. Nah, some of us are just comfortable with our masculinity....

    Now, when you must crow and dance and prove you're the man of the house, well....

    As Matt said, Heh.

    It's okay, you're still my buddy.

    1. LMAO......Oh PP.....what can I say.
      Did the Mrs. want to plant more okra??

    2. It's OK Stephen we know she won't give you permission to crow or dance :)

  3. I thought I should do something before these guys start knitting doilies and become Obama voters :)

    Or even worse have someone make a little animated picture of them waving good bye.

  4. Did you run this post by your wife before you posted it? If not, I bet your essentials are in the mangle. ;-)

    1. On the contrary this post made her stay home today and now I am getting very little accomplished outside. Pay little attention to what they say, be strong and ignore them when they become unreasonable. The results are amazing :)


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