Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Another Step Down - Taxation Without Representation

It isn't like all of us aware and prepping individuals didn't see this coming years ago. Since 2010 all government from local to Federal has been raising their fees and applying new taxes or changing regulations to make us spend more. Not only did my state raise the renewal rates they also required a birth certificate that added another 15 bucks going to local government into that increase.

We always knew this was going to be one stage of our overall decline.

Census: State and Local Income, Sales... Taxes at all Time Second Quarter High

While the forth quarter taxes of 2011 and 2012 were larger this is breaking new ground for a second quarter and I might add goes totally against second quarter sales results. Remember even Wal-Mart complaining of reduced sales during the second quarter? Yet the States and Local governments see record taxes?

We are fast approaching the time now when in order to survive we are going to have to limit our purchases regardless of availability as taxes begin to drain us dry.

Food doesn't have to necessarily be scarce before growing your own is needed to survive. Before this is done the entitlement classes such as the corporate 1%, Government employees, Union goons and Welfare queens (who will be tax exempt anyway) will be the only ones subsidized while the rest of us can no longer afford even the taxes for the things we need.

Get ready Ladies and Gentlemen because this stage of our survival is going to be the worst of them all. The hardest to ride through and remain intact. I suspect many of us will fall during this final stage and before it's over the rest of us will be praying for a collapse just to set us free.

The true evil of Mob Rule Democracy is going to come crashing down on Middle class property owners hard. Of course big city government employees and new immigrants are all for higher property taxes. It isn't like they have to pay them now is it?

Just as urban voters are trying to force their gun control will on rural residents this is another salvo in the war on rural America. They are going to attempt to starve us out through their politics and socialism.

The siege is on but we will prevail.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!


  1. I have started experimenting with grown small plots of grain, they are burning the corn in the tanks of the SUVs so I can't afford chicken feed(remember when chicken feed meant a small amount, not anymore).

    1. Somewhere I have a book on small grain production. I will look for it and give you the info. I remember when I read it it has some interesting info I hadn't thought of.

  2. I have a place staked out in the west. I want to get into gardening. Any suggestions on how to get started? I know it pretty much boils down to just doing it, but I'll take some guidance graciously

    1. Lorraine - Just doing it is correct. However knowing your local conditions is the key. Gardening changes so much from place to place. I would recommend "The Heirloom Gardener" book first because the real work in survival gardening is making sure you have seeds fort he next year.

      I advise people right now to learn what grows and then figure how much of it they will need if they can count on nothing else. There is no way most people can dedicate that much time under the current conditions to grow all their own food but it is important they realize what and how much they will need when the time comes.

  3. Fifty pounds of cracked corn costs $12.00 here now. I used to get it for under $5.00.

    My property taxes keep going up. They say the school needs the money. My kids never even went to their school, because we home schooled. So why am I still paying for everybody else's kids to go to school? In the county next to ours once you hit 62 you don't pay anymore property tax. But the greedy Little Caesar who rules here isn't having any of that. He says those who can pay have to pay for those who can't.

    1. Yep they are gonna tax us to hell and gone now. I am working on a post for surviving this stage of the collapse specifically. Just haven't finished it yet.

    2. WY has a special property tax program for low income property owners. They are making sure that there won't be too many people fussing about being taxed at the state constitutional max rate. More Nero tactics.
      I live on the outskirts of a town of 800(mostly summer folk) that has a 3 room school and last year had 17 students (most parents drive their kids to a different district--we homeschool). The state used Sandy Hook as a reason to spend $800,000 for a new secure entryway, a project that ended up costing $1.3M. This year there are 12 students. Meanwhile, we write state senators and representatives about the outrageous property taxes and we get the same answer--we need to pay for those that don't.
      There's no place to go to avoid this. We keep trimming our budget, growing more of our own food. We are financially secure (but our military retirement is a tool <0> will use against those trying to get the budget under control) but our plans began 20 years or more ago with the now stupid idea that we would retire and travel.

  4. This is the first post that I have read in some time, anywhere, that accurately describes where we are in the the Great Secular Timeline.

    Very well done.


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