Friday, August 16, 2013

The Great Disconnect and We're in Trouble

I am about half tempted to raise the prep level once again to 5. We are at a dangerous place right now my friends very dangerous indeed.

We currently have two carrier groups steaming around the Mid East. All our politicians seem to be on whatever side the majority of American's are not on in any given situation across this globe. The National debt has not been updated for over a month because it will show how far over the so called legal debt ceiling we have reached and financial numbers are beginning to crack and let reality show through.

The great disconnect we been living under for some four or five years now is poised to reset itself and could get ugly at the drop of a hat. We could wake up tomorrow and be in a collapse so I hope all the preps you need are in place.

Then again things could stay this way for a while as well. It's hard to say but one thing seems certain. The illusion is getting harder and harder to keep going.

Wal-Mart's numbers coming out today is a prime example of the disconnect I have been talking about for years.

I can drive fifty or so miles out West of the Small-Hold and enter a community that has never stopped growing throughout this entire decline. It is going strong, plenty of low end jobs and even still building everything from office space to big Mc Mansions. How can this be you might ask. Well it's simple it's a big college town. As much the top end of the great disconnect as the Beltway back East. All that education money and secure salaries and pensions has kept this town booming while fifty miles in any direction the story reads quite differently and Wal-Mart's chart below shows it.

Small business has been destroyed in those communities that do not receive regular infusions of  government bonds via Fed pumping. About the only shopping most of these places can do is Wal-Mart and a few other big retailers who keep the rural stores open and yet what do we see? Decline.

The great disconnect my friends.

Precious metals are rising again and it is just possible the veil maybe actually slipping for all to see this time. The real consumers, those 70% or more that are beyond the sphere of government spending are dying. The economy may look good where you are at but I assure you it is a very small number of bubbles in a sea of decline and the waves are rising. Fast.

Just like the dry river beds I used to explore out in New Mexico after a rain. There are pools here and there that have no clue that three feet away their end is coming hard.

Keep in mind as a country the US is down 65% in oil consumption since the peak in 2006. 65%!!! I don't care how any government agency spins it we cannot have economic growth of any kind and be down 65% in oil consumption without seeing dramatic new alternative energy being used. It is just not possible.

We maybe right at the breaking point tonight.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!



  1. Have you considered that in order to build a new house, you first have to demolish the old one? How can you have a socialist utopia when there is still an outdated capitalist constitution in place. However if there was a crisis, then emergency measures could take place. The ideas of the 60s radicals are in motion.

    1. SF - Oh I have no doubt they would like to. The one problem I see is that the kind of control they are wanting requires either a population already used to living under tyranny and a large army or huge amounts of money and cheap energy.

      By the time they are ready they will have none of those I think.

      Or I hope anyway :)

  2. Senior and I talk constantly about our slow decline. Its happening right before our eyes and no one is noticing. The town near our SC property is much the way you described. Most mom and pop places shut down. China-Mart keeps the town going. I honesty dont see how people make it financially here.

    1. JuGM - I know. I don't see it the numbers never add up and I can't imagine anyone having that much credit. I am just amazed.

  3. hi.
    i was in college in the sixties, but in west virginia where we had little use for radical unless the respected union members could be called such.
    i am only beginning to realize, at age 64, that the radicals never grew up, and they are still stuck in the lies they swallowed when they were young and they are dragging us down with them.

    they must laugh up their sleeves when the rest of us drag out the Constitution!!
    they have disemboweled it and the media {think 'eleanor clift' , if you can stand the thought} are going right along with them.
    but the media stars will be among the first to be removed when the evil-doers finally take over. they are the ones josef stalin got rid of after he used them. he called them stupid.
    i have a single friend who is a bit crippled. she says she has done what little she can but she can only pray. that is her backup, the God of Abraham.
    only He can help us. the fifth column has all but taken over.
    i never thought i would live to see the day and the speed of the takeover is astounding to me. i always thought that right-thinking moral people would be the majority but i have been proven wrong.
    god help us !!!

    1. So many of the radicals never had to embrace the real world. Their ideology came into fashion and they rode the wave of big growth and big government spending. They think they know reality. They will be in for a rude awakening I think.

  4. Nothing here I could argue with. The decline is real, and as you point out - the end of the current system is very near.

    The trick will be stopping TPTB from implementing all-out communism in its place, for that is their goal.

    1. RP - Like I mentioned above I am sure they will try but they will not succeed. The resources and proper pre-conditioning for the people to be oppressed is just not there for it. Even the USSR couldn't really get it done without massive manpower and they were oppressing a population that had never known freedom.

      Honestly I think it would fall apart from resistance before it even got going.

    2. TPTB want communism for the masses but not themselves (who'd have thought that 1984 would become reality) took them thirty years longer than Orwell prophecised in 1948 (he swapped the last two numbers around for the title) but we will be there in the near future.

  5. In college towns, there are alot students taking out loans. They are using credit cards and loans to finance their way through graduate school. The higher education scam will be the next bubble to burst. Just wait when all these people graduate and pour out into a crappy job market.

    It is amazing how a number old hippy communist boomer heads are so disconnected. They have no clue. I actually heard someone say yesterday 'we (USA) are doing great.'. Really?

    I posted a few threads back that the reset will happen when middle class white people say eff it to being debt slaves. I know I am trying my best to say eff it. It's what must happen and we must unite to do this.

    The scary thing is that the ones who are plugged in and get it also included elitist whites who will 'rat you out' if you don't tow the line such that they can live in largess.

    Middle class whites must develop a stealth economy and society. They must insulate themselves and help each other out. They must have more kids and develop social networks. That is the only way.

    White Mom

    1. White Mom - You're correct. And all that debt the students take out goes into the school and salaries/pensions. The college towns are doing very well right now riding the biggest bubble this government has ever created.

      Out in the Boondocks the stealth economy is starting I think.


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