Thursday, July 18, 2013

Once MoTown now NoTown

So Detroit finally got around to legally admitting the gig was up today. I mean why not it has only been broke for about 10 years or so.

Personally I miss the Detroit that was. Fifteen to twenty years ago I was pretty familiar with Detroit and a good sized part of  Michigan, at least up towards Houghton Lake. Why even Windsor was fun when you figured out the strange hybrid attitude they had over there.

I wonder how Windsor is faring now adays?

I think we can call this another step down the decline ladder my friends. It isn't important enough to justify raising the prep level or anything as the reality is we have been dealing with a bankrupt Detroit for many years now.

However this is an important event because it means a couple of things.

1. Not even the fake bond market was willing to keep floating the lie in Detroit's case.

Once this hurdle is over I bet we will see these bankruptcies pick up speed until it becomes a complete rout.

2. There was no political way the Femocrats could come up with to save Detroit. No underhanded stimulus or other obscure move.

Now don't get me wrong here as I believe Obummer will certainly attempt to do something to save Detroit or more to the point at the very least he will make sure that the Federal Government covers all the public service union pensions. 

3. Look for Obummer and company to begin more Agenda 21 type stuff. My bet is they will point at the White Flight and Detroit population reduction and scream the suburbs should pay for it.

Want to know a secret? I am not even hiding it anymore. The truth is I am cheering on the collapse these days. The time has come and although I might live to regret the decline before it is all over and done with I doubt I will ever regret a hard return to sanity as much as I regret what we have today.

Call me crazy. Point out the few remaining little perks of civilization I can either still afford or still indulge in and tell me how much I will miss them. Bring up the suffering by all those people that will come about when a collapse hits.

At this point I don't care. In fact, I think it will be a time of deserved Natural Justice to make up for so much fairytale Social Engineering I have been forced to endure for decades.

Ya know what? What we have today isn't an end to suffering at all. It has never been social justice. What this country has become under the leadership of Affirmative Action Femocrats far and wide is revenge and victim switching for imagined wrongs.

For over half a century cheap energy and mob rule democracy has opened the doors wide for oppression and out right theft, but as the saying goes....

Sooner or later you run out of other people's money.

Now of course Margarette was saying that in reference to Socialism and we never really had a true socialism to deal with. More than likely that is why it managed to worm it's way in and grow so fast. What we had was Feminism that used aspects of socialism to gain allies and strength. Yet in the end none of that will matter as their little thought rules won't last more than thirty seconds after the lights go out.

What they have been attempting was not only economically unsustainable but ecologically and naturally unsustainable as well.

In the end I have more faith in people than many doomsayers and survival nuts. I still believe that in general pockets of civilization will always remain and then once again spread as they have done throughout history. In fact I believe that many a small town will rise to the crisis and as a whole become stronger than marauding bands and hordes of zombies. Only time will tell if I am correct.

Yet I think one thing is for sure. Detroit filing bankruptcy is another canary in the coal mine and one way or another it's a sure sign things are changing and all of us who have been pointing it out for years once again know we were right.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!


  1. Its so sad...OK that is enough. IIRC Detroit and Mich have high taxes due to the Liberals. Detroit was in trouble so many years ago, when the auto makers (not Ford) filed Chap 11 that is when Detroit died. It just took this long for someone to say the city was dead.

    Chicago is also having money troubles, as they are laying off 2100 or so teachers today. Closing 50 schools. Doesn't Chicago have a Liberal mayor from O'dipshit's admin.??

    1. Rob - If this thing goes bad and hits the bond market it might make every city and state go belly up.

  2. Now that its official and they are in the heck can they afford 2 Professional sports teams?

    It is just going to start trickeling will be Cleveland or some place like that.

    1. JuGM - Yep. Or a ruling from the activist judges making Michigan-ites pay.

  3. Even before all this about bankruptcy, I saw a show on Detroit and they said the only industry there that was doing good was providing locations for disaster movies. Apparently so much of the city has been abandoned and fallen into decay that outfits like The Discovery Channel are making shows about post apocalyptic life there. I saw one, called "Apocalypse Man" filmed there a couple of years back and it did look like the end of the world.

    1. HF - From what I hear though the suburbs are booming. It's on Detroit proper.

      I bet we can both figure out why.

  4. It's interesting - I currently live in an urban area that due to the boom in technology (and no personal taxes) is enjoying growth. However they haven't learned at all, spending money on all kinds of things as quickly as it comes in. I wonder how many other cities have to go under before frugal spending at all levels of society becomes a norm.

    1. Toir - My guess is they will never stop spending. It is the nature of elected governments to only look at the present, ever. Only an elected government that refuses to over tax sustains itself. Eventually they get to addicted to the spending. I had always hoped a Constitutional Republic could avoid that, and really I still think it could but we are no longer living in a Republic ;(

      Thanks for commenting!!!


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