Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Home Schooling meets Zimmerman Bias

Way back when my son was in first grade I got a call from the county sheriff's department telling me they had arrested my son for assault. I am literally not making this up. I had just landed at KCI airport and was heading home from a major computer installation job down in Texas. When my cell rang I was still about 45 minutes out from the county jail so they stuck my son in a little holding tank to wait for me to get there.

When I arrived they told me that my son had pushed a classmate, who was a little girl, down but had not done any injury to her but due to the safe schools act they had to arrest him. When I asked him why he had pushed the girl he told me the girls were running around kissing the boys as a game and he was just trying to get away. He wasn't even trying to push her just evade the kiss but in the escape attempt she fell.

I then turned to the deputy and asked if the little girl's parents had come to get her. He looked confused and asked why they would need to since she was still at school. I then asked him if kissing someone was still sexual assault if they didn't want you to and he replied that they only went to the school to pick up my son the school staff had not reported the girl as having done anything wrong.

This was my first taste of the feminist dominated indoctrination program we know as public schools today. We are in a rural school district so I can only imagine how bad the cities are. Basically what little girls do is cute and innocent while what little boys do is wrong and must be punished.

When I went to tell the school what I thought of their biased opinion of just what assault was and how it differed from the actual law I was escorted out of the building by a security guard and two half-man teachers.

By the time my son reached the sixth grade and he got suspended for having a lockback pocket knife I was totally done. He never returned after his suspension was over.

This in turn began a little back and forth between myself, the school district and eventually the state social services department. These Feminist hoebag teachers were so pissed that I dared to stand up to them they tried everything in the world to get my son taken from me. I just told them to suck it and went on about my business. I did not want them to have anymore information than they already had.

I began teaching my son after work. I would put down assignments and reading for him to work on with his grandmother each day while I was at work as well. Within a short time he was working out of my old college text books instead of the middle school ones I had purchased initially. The one area we had trouble with was of course advanced math and algebra. I admit I took college algebra during a Summer session as my only course and spent a minimum of 15 hours a week at the tutor's office (with special permission to do so) along with countless hours studying. I even quit my part time job and got permission from the instructor to audit the second class he also taught during the week so I could live, eat, and breath nothing but algebra.

I still barely passed with a B.

By the time my son was 14 we were practically raided by a couple of social service skanks with a deputy sheriff in tow demanding entry into our house. They declared that under Missouri law I had no right to home school my son without periodic testing by the state and an approved curriculum. I had done my own homework however and had an ace up my sleeve because at the time if you had a teacher who was state certified you could in fact run a private school without having to bend to the restrictive home school rules the State had enacted. I believe the state has since done away with a lot of the red tape and restrictions but back then the school districts and social services were fighting hard to keep home schooling from happening.

I will never forget the look on that shrews face when I produced my diploma and state certification papers.

Take that Bitches!!!

To date I have never felt my son lacked in his education. Yes we are both weak in the math area and I could never get him to work on his hand writing much no matter how hard I tried. Recently however he was told at a job interview that they would prefer he had his GED certificate so my son has decided to take the test along with the ASVAB at the same time.

Just in case he also decided to take a GED class first and went through the pre-testing last week. He scored well above the scores needed in every section except, you guessed it, math. In truth he actually scored just at the level needed which is a 410 out of 500 in math but he signed up for the classes anyway to brush up and get ready for the test. At this point we know he can pass it but a few weeks of practice can't hurt.

I must admit I felt vindicated by his high test scores after all the years I was told I was doing him harm and all.

It was another "Take that Bitches"!!! moment :)

This morning I had planned a trip into town for groceries and grandma had an early appointment in town as well so my son rode into class with her and then made arrangements for me to work my trip around picking him up. Saving gas money and al, he's sneaky that way.

I spent the cooler morning doing some work on bee equipment waiting to make my grocery trip and then swing by to get him when he called and asked if I could get him from class early. When I picked him up he apologized and told me he had to leave early because there were four large Black women getting loud and agitated going on about the Zimmerman verdict and making statements about getting YT and causing problems.

I said "oh god you didn't get into it with them did you?" to which he replied that he had not but that was why he wanted to leave early.

Normally he goes in as early as possible and is long gone before the late morning attendees even arrive but today he stayed late.

So you can see this thing is popping up everywhere, even in small cities.

One good thing did come out of this though. Living a relatively secluded life with me out here my son never quite believed the things I told him.

He is getting more of an education than he bargained for now and even told me he is beginning to see my point on a lot of things now.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!


  1. Great story! Sounds like you're being a VERY good parent!!

  2. Damn. What can I say except your son has a very wonderful and smart dad. You went through some sticky situations and came out on top which doesn't surprise me. So far I haven't run into anyone barking about Zimmerman but I haven't been around any blacks so I guess that's why. Had I been with your son I doubt I would have been able to keep my mouth shut. I'm very glad he did though because four big mammies could have squashed him. Slowly he's seeing and learning and finding out that dad knows what he's talking about. You have a great son and I know your proud of him. Thanks to you he'll do well in life.

    1. eileen - he is learning. In many ways he is at a disadvantage though because he doesn't have a lot of social experience. He is overly polite and trusting in far too many ways.

      Truth is he is shark bait when it comes to girls and there is nothing I can tell him about them he will listen too. He is going to have a rough time the first few rounds he goes :)

    2. I guess most of us started out that way but after a few bangs and bumps reality sets in. He'll figure out which girls are nice and which girls are, um, not nice. Knowing who to trust is a bit tricky though. Even when you think you can trust someone you may find out you can't but that's a life long thing. As parent's all we can do is tell them how things are and be there to pick up the pieces. Do you agree? Men can see things differently and I always like to hear another way to deal with a variety of situations.

  3. PP,

    Yes..........."take that bitches", I really despise the public school system. I've been around circles with the system and my son too. I'm happy he's no longer in the school system.
    I have to say, you really socked it to the school system and the police with your teaching certification/credentials :-)

    You have to be very proud of your son? He's a smart kid :-)

    I'm so glad to hear he called you, and asked to be picked up before something did initiate.

    How did your son do with his GED and the Asfab?

    1. Sandy - He hasn't taken the official one yet. He took the pre-test one to see what his score would be and passed all the sections but just barely on the math portion so now he is taking a few weeks of classes before he actually takes it.

      I was pretty proud of him there. We actually stopped his official home schooling when he was 16 and he just turned 19 so almost three years and he still did that well.

  4. Um, I forgot to ask what the asfab is. I know there's an asvab but I have no idea what the asfab is.

    1. It should have been asvab. I always do that when abbreviating that test even back in the day when I took it.

    2. There I fixed it. Why did they put the V and F so close together.

    3. lol! I'm a two finger typer and a lot of my keys are rubbed clean so I have one heck of a time when I type. I used to know all the keys way back when I was in school but I never got above 35 wpm and now it's like 20 wpm and here's an example of my typing if I don't look at the hey board....he ho2 aew uoui dounf. Translated: hi how are you doing. Is that pathetic or what! LMAO. OOps. I even screw up when I look.It's key..not hey.

  5. Yes Homeschooling is an ongoing discussion in our house. Now Florida has Online Virutal School. Which I am totally thinking about. Kids just do a few assignments each day and every thing has to be uploaded and turned in by Friday. Plus no silly yearly testing...


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