Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Ever Evolving Lanza Story

Ya here we are back to this. The media is abuzz now with finding more weapons, swords, NRA pamphlets etc. in Lanza's house. Funny it took three months to find them?

Despite the fact that I read a very informational article a few days after the shooting that contained some lengthy accounts by friends and neighbors of Adam Lanza's that pointed to harassment by his mother in association with the school Principal and the Psychologist who were his second and third victims, no one out there seems to be even the slightest bit concerned with the fact that not one Mental Health professional anywhere seems to have had official contact with Adam Lanza.

Do any of you find that a bit strange?

The article I remember reading is now long buried and I know from other comments I see about the blog and news sphere that it did in fact exist and isn't some figment of my imagination. Other's have mentioned it as well, yet for some unknown reason it is long gone now.

I find it hard to believe that the school was a target just for being a school. Something is very very NOT right with the whole picture they are trying to paint.


  1. I was wondering why the "thousand rounds of ammo" and "lots of guns" thing came up now. Just more ignorant & useless fodder for the ignorant populace to get all anti-gun-crazy again I suppose.

    Oh, and PLEASE don't post his picture again! That has go to be THE freakiest picture of anybody I've ever seen. Gives me the hee-bee jeebies.

    1. yes right up there with ole California Crazy Charlie Manson

  2. the "huge arsenal" included bb and pellet guns and display swords. more hype from the gunscream media. i heard that his mother told him she was committing him the next week, no longer able to control him. his dad was told to seek help for him but didn't. i'd say they were just as culpible as the shooter. funny how the police were on the other side of town answering a man with a gun call. so, how does this "high function asbergers" kid shoot 150 plus rounds in less than five minutes after calling in a false report? btw, asbergers kids aren't known to be violent. and why destroy his computer? every shooter i've ever heard of left manifestos n such crap to "justify" his deed. stuff don't add up.


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