Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Bear and the Dragon

I have warned about the unusual friendship growing between China and Russia before. I have written about the unusual "prepping" attitude of the Chinese government over and over. The news of China's acquisitions of millions of hectares of farmland in Africa, prime oil fields, mines and trade or resource rights all over the world. China has been preparing for a collapse for years although the last year or so they seem to have been keeping the lid down on what they have been doing and not allowing it to be broadcast all over the world.

Rumors wiggle out from time to time of them making moves to remove the US dollar from at least oil transactions if not threatening it for removal as the reserve currency. We still hear about purchases here and there or gold being offered up to the citizens.

Now it seems Russia and China are becoming even tighter buds:

Vladimir Putin Rolls out the Red Carpet for President Xi Jinping

Most main stream writers will proclaim the symbiotic relationship between the US and China is too great a financial burden for China to risk losing so much of it's investment with a US collapse. Well they do not know many Chinese people is all I have to say about that. The Chinese I have known have patience and above all the ability to sacrifice one asset if they think it will gain them greater returns in the future without hesitation. If China thinks they can get a fraction of consumers from other nations and sink the US financially they will do it knowing they will then be able to exploit the rest of the world at will while America struggles. It wouldn't surprise me in the least to find out China's purchasing of US debt was nothing more than a tool to ruin the economy and that they never had any plan or notion of a monetary return on that investment directly.

Others may have a different take on China, but the people I have known from there do not hate Americans but they do fear our leaders. Many Chinese still admire Americans and remember what we did for them in WWII. They hate the Japanese and distrust the dubious moves of US politicians over the years. In many ways the Chinese would sink the US economy and believe it would allow the American people, that they admire, a means to shake off the politicians.

Russia from what I can figure would also like nothing more than to be the bully of Europe for once without those little pesky, uppity nations having the US standing behind them. My bet is this latest Cyprus banking fiasco has strengthened their resolve in that direction as well. It is pretty obvious the EU took a financial pot-shot at Russia there and Russia isn't all tied up with Liberal self loathing and White guilt to the point of being a eunuch. The bear remembers how to deal with slights and threats.

Fundamentally I do not think we have to fear any military actions on US soil by either of these nations. I would worry a bit about the West coast perhaps but that's about it. Financially however China holds a card that could really send us into a tail spin and yet leave them in a very strong position. That is as long as they can find a sufficiently large consumer market elsewhere. Would Russia fulfill that market?

Also has China finally acquired enough farmland to remove itself from US food import dependency? What about Russia, it too often has harvest issues. Are they willing to bet the farm and create a black hole where once American food production stood?

All very interesting and a possible Black swan type event that could promote economic collapse in the US very swiftly so it is something we need to think about in our Preps. A concerted move by these two countries, especially if it entailed a military standoff in the Straights of Hormuz and the Middle East along with growing tension in Korea. Hmmmmm what timing for North Korea to be stirring trouble?

Anyway, you see the point. Thanks to the Golfer in Chief we are at our weakest point ever. Vulnerable for a knockout blow.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!


  1. I think you've summed it pretty well, sir.

    1. Thanks RP. It is of course very intricate and there may be plenty of information I am not privy too that can weigh in as well. The Chinese I have known were almost completely spoon fed their opinions from the Government so I have a pretty good idea what the Government thinks, or did 5 years ago and more, or at least what they want the people to think. They are critical of Americans but almost completely blame the bad stuff on out leaders while often admitting to American values and strengths of the people. I know it sounds weird but I have conversed with more than a few Chinese who knew all about things Americans have done for them but had no clue that a country called Nepal ever existed.

      Only a very groomed and controlled educational and political program could create that type of atmosphere.

  2. The Russians are be more ham-handed and arrogant in their foreign relations than we are. The Chinese, even in Africa where they don't get to fight over little islands in the Pacific, are not much better.

    China is having a lot of problems with its African ventures, and nobody seems to care much about the Russians except for their oil, and as a source of cheap munitions.

    The Europeans are such a basket case, the Russians have to be worrying about a drop in demand for their oil.


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