Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sunday Reading - More Snow, Yawn

We started getting some sleet and rain yesterday evening and by this morning snow once again blanketed the area and it is still coming down, although it takes it a while to actually hit the ground since the 30+ MPH winds carry it a long way.

The ground was just beginning to dry out enough to get some work done this weekend, even though we haven't seen the sun all week for the most part. I don't think the bees managed to get out more than a couple hours all week and now this. I don't have high survival hopes for them at this point and if I lose one more hive all gains from 2012 will be wiped out. With luck they got enough from the feeding stations to sustain them until it finally (if ever) warms up and things start to bloom.

Not a thing I can do about it right now but worry.

Otherwise all the standard Winter storm preps were completed yesterday. As usual the tarps came out the power supplies were charged and/or gassed and the truck was filled with wood for weight just in case I was forced to get out. I didn't bother hiding the Mrs.' keys this time since she didn't have to work today.

I even managed to get out yesterday before the storm came in and have almost completely finished clearing out the fenceline and all the old boards, junk and baling wire that was in it. Once it dries out I will get out the weed whacker and it should be done. I can then begin prepping the ground for the fruit trees I am hoping to get in this Summer. We will see at this point it is going to take a while to dry out enough to actually work the ground and it needs alot of work to remove all the ruts and such from it.

Not much else to do today but ride out the storm and wait and worry until we finally get some real warmer temps that stick around for more than a day. Still got buds waiting to pop but so far they just haven't seen enough sunlight and warm temps to make the jump.

The groundhogs were sure wrong this year.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!


  1. I made a split Friday that had a queen cell and added another honey super to my main hive. I have 2 supers almost full. Now we are forecast for 4 nights in the 30's. I told Glock Mom we need to get that rodent Phil and have a barbecue! Papa Bear said someone was actually suing Phil's handlers because their is no early spring. Can you believe that?!?

    1. MB - I think the suit was a joke but I understand the sentiment.

      I wish I could do some splits. Not sure if I will even be able to make any splits once it warms up. I am sure I am going to have to wait at least a month to let my girls build up. Hell I got to see if I even have any hives survive yet. Other than my feeding them on the few warm days we have had they are still going on their Winter stores. I could easily lose the four I have remaining at this point. All the hives are light and it is too cold to open them and put any emergency food in.

  2. Got blooms on peaches and plums down on 35 deg N. Just hang in there blooms are coming.


    1. Dan - Oh I know they are coming. Will they come soon enough is the question and the bees especially are so low on stores I really can't tell yet if they have enough.

  3. I have a feeling this summer is going to be a mixed bag, warmer than normal in some areas, and wetter in others. Farmers are taking it on the chin again this year. Food prices will raise for all of us.

    1. Rob - well wetter than normal would be fine with me. Wet is almost always good for blooming stuff if not for crops and my bees need a boom year now. Of course the farmers maynot survive a year that's too wet though.


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