Thursday, March 28, 2013

Politics of the Tribe - It Aint All Bad

The last few days I painted a pretty grim picture pertaining to political moves and what I feel the current powers that be at the Federal level will attempt just to keep their party going as long as possible. At first many of us might think there is nothing we can do against such a strong opponent. One who can manipulate the entire economy, dry up the worlds ammo supplies and place an armored car in almost every medium sized city East of the Mississippi.

Life luckily enough does not take place in a vacuum. In fact the very overbearing, control oriented, idealistic view of our government that has grown out of the massive energy surplus is now working against itself as it declines. The left has attempted to export their views of equality all across the globe and has stuck it's nose into the business of other cultures and people using force, both physical and financial for decades. They have blamed so much of this on greedy corporations and Republican warmongers but when you get right down to the actual numbers we see little to nothing coming back to these United States in the form of energy from any of the areas we used force in for the past two decades.

In point of fact these little wars we have been waging all over the globe appear to have only one real purpose which is to assure the US has the power to send money into that particular area with a reasonable chance that some of it goes into a particular ideology important to the Left. The entire might of the US military is used to send young girls to school and promote Mob democracy to those who only use it to vote for fundamental Islam. While we expend the massive amounts of energy needed to force these cultures to our so called values our competitors are moving in and buying up the mineral and resource rights. In a very real sense the Liberal/Feminist dominated Federal Government has used the same tactics in Pakistan that they use in Alabama. We give you money you run the programs like we want.

Does anyone else out there think it's funny that of the US's so called bitter enemies and most direct threat Nations they are all traditionally Male dominated cultures and remain that way? Countries that still seem to value the unique leadership abilities of Strong Men and refuse western aid for the most part. Russia is forcing all Western Rights groups who have a presence there to close and leave. China has never allowed them while other small Nations are rattling their war sabers in every corner of the world.

The very policies and ideologies of the Liberal/Feminist are working against them and doing far more to starve this beast than we could hope to achieve currently at home. While we struggle to hold on to our rights here, outside forces are working in our favor by weakening the same oppressive machine abroad. All the while our traditional sources of energy are drying up.

The left positively needs the new resources they have been ignoring to continue the campaign of oppression or it will grind to a screeching halt. They can poise themselves for police-state action here at home but once that move is made all production will come to a halt as well. Mexico's oil production has fallen to barely above their own domestic needs, Canada is sending more and more oil to China as we drag our feet on distribution infra-structure here. Alaskan oil production is down and the so called shale and sand oil requires more input than required to keep us at past surplus levels. All the while the Liberal/Feminist would rather send little girls to school than get more energy out of Iraq.

Once our overbearing Liberal/Feminist government begins making actual military-like moves within the US, we will know we have won. At that point they will weaken themselves Internationally to the point that there will be no where near enough energy being produced to keep them going for even a year. Oppression and a police-like state takes so much energy to pull off it is completely unsustainable without massive energy surplus and no interruption in the flow.

For those of us in the rural areas this means while we may get visited and an attempt will be made to confiscate our production or stores most areas will maybe suffer this once and many areas may even be skipped over entirely before the entire thing breaks down. The oppressors will quickly become a foraging army and we have seen how that works time and time again throughout history.

While confiscation at first paints a grim picture of hiding supplies and frequent visits by thugs. On a scale we are talking about I doubt we will need to counter such activities more than once or twice depending on location before the whole system begins to break down. At which point we will be left to our devices and our own preps. Even the slightest hickup in the flow of goods and energy will cause the cities to explode. We all see that.

So take heart prepping and sustainable living are not useless endeavors that will be stamped out by an oppressive government. We can withstand the tide and only need to do so once it starts for a short time. Individual responsibility and rights are the true sustainable organization and will win out in the end. Once the government moves to oppression we have won.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!

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  1. Again, very well thought-out & presented. Thanks.


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