Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Just one of THOSE Days

Sorry I do not have a post of anything relevant, provocative or amusing for today. I woke up this morning to a dead internet connection and then for some odd reason my emergency radio wasn't even working. Not sure what happened but for a few brief seconds I wondered if maybe TSHTF scenario didn't occur while I was asleep.

Then I noticed the lights were still on and the phone rang. So much for that idea.

I then headed into town to get a copy of my birth certificate because in almost half a century I have never needed to have one before. I don't think I even needed one to join the army thirty years ago but now for some reason the glorious State of Missouri is requiring to make a copy of it to renew my drivers license. I suppose it's possible I had to show one way back when I was 16 to get my original license, I can't remember, but now they insist they must make a photo copy of it to let me continue to drive.

Of course I get to the birth certificate place and they are closed for a staff meeting. Lovely. Don't ya just love government bureaucracy? Luckily they are only closed for a few hours so I did some shopping and then went back by and got that taken care of.

Arriving back at the Small-Hold I find out the internet is still dead. For the last year ever since we again had yet another internet switcheroo with one company buying out another our internet has completely sucked. Frequent outtages and a slow connection seem to be the norm now adays. I call the support line AGAIN and get the run around, As usual. Then they tell me they have to send a tech out. He or she is suppose to arrive sometime tomorrow or maybe Friday, they aren't sure. Nice.

By this time I am having internet news withdrawals but I can cope. It's cold outside when I really wish it would be warm. The wind is howling. It's been a long, lousy Winter without end and I am having information suffocation without even the slight satisfaction of knowing the rest of the world is suffering along with me. It's a good thing I live out away from neighbors and most intrusions or I might have snapped on someone.

I also forgot to buy carrots at the store.

I was just getting ready to go out and fire up the heater in the shop and get the last of my reloading project finished up in the hopes that maybe Spring will actually come at some point when I notice the internet is back up and working.

The Internet company is staffed by idiots.

Oh and they are predicting another inch of snow tomorrow and rain following that with temperatures down into the 20's overnight.

You can tell global warming is a Liberal creation because we only seem to get the downside of paying for it and are not allowed to enjoy any of the perks that might come with it.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!

I may get a real post banged out tonight but for right now I need to catch up on world events.


  1. Everyone gets days like that, but it doesn't make it any easier to know it. Glad you made it through.

    1. RP - Ya just aggravating and time consuming. It was kinda fun when the this mornign the girl at the DMV started her "you need a Birth...." rant that she obviously had done a 1000 times, to pull mine out and hand it to her :)

  2. On the birth certificate front, I understand. Same here in Florida. It took me seven months, over two thousand dollars to my lawyer, a court appearance to get my certificate corrected, all just to have a license renewal. Isn't the Patriot Act wonderful.

    1. Stephen - Wow. Good thing I didn't have to mess with mine. I also no longer have a CC permit as I will NOT let the Department of Revenue have that information and they are requiring that info to put it on your license now.

  3. I'm a new follower. Love hearing other people's opinions about the world's state of disarray. I look forward to hearing your take on things. Hope your net connection gets resolved soon.

    1. LyndaKay - Glad to have you here!!! The net connection appears to be fine now. The tech guys actually came by and gave me a new setup today. The next few days I plan on doing some posts about the changes I have witnessed and then speculation over where we are heading.

      Any questions feel free to email me.


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