Sunday, March 17, 2013

I Just Don't get Liberal/Feminist Anti-Logic

In the Liberal/Feminist world a Big Gulp is tempting and should be banned because it causes people to lose their heads and get Fat.

A cigarette should be banned because it is tempting and makes people want to smoke and causes cancer.
An AR-15 tempts people to violence and must be banned for everyone's protection.

Yet there is no excuse for any red blooded American Teenage Male to find something like this tempting?

Not saying in the slightest that the two young men over in Ohio or where ever it was were not in the wrong. Far from it. I also know that the girl did pass out, yet she wasn't passed out the entire night. Yet it seems that the Liberal/Feminist will scream that only men are responsible for any lack of self control and women should be excluded from being labeled "Tempting".

Maybe they just have their priorities as to what is really tempting a bit out of kilter. Seriously though if a big gulp causes fat people then a cute, naked drunk girl causes what exactly?

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!


  1. Exactly! well said and well illustrated!

    I know what I was like as a teenage/early twenties girl. Its all in the way you present yourself and promote it. whats that ole saying: "if it looks like a horse"? yea that one.

    1. JuGM - Thank you and you are absolutely right!!!


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