Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Do the Math - Face the Facts

It's a bright Sun-shiny day around the Small-Hold this morning. Although the high temps are not being predicted to really begin hitting us until tomorrow with today's temps only forecast for the upper 40's I have a feeling they are wrong. I let the wood stove burn out for a good cleaning and even with no heat the house is maintaining the 60's from Sunlight alone. As long as the winds remain calm I am thinking we will get some decent temps today although the water puddles are still frozen over and it is almost noon.

We will see. At the very least it is calm enough and finally dry enough for me to once again get out and get some work done which began with a bit of a survey tour around the grounds and a new assessment of where I left off at. I have a big pile of scrap metal to get rid of and the last half of an old fence row to clear out for sure not to mention cleaning out the last half of the storage shed.

One way or another I figure this next week or so is going to be the time to face the facts of what survived, what I have to work with and how to proceed. At this point I believe my assessment of the 2012 Winter is going to come out to a net loss overall or at best very limited gains. While I believe all of the new fruit trees survived I am pretty sure at this point my oldest and largest producer died last Summer. End result is going to be a loss of produce until the new trees get to producing more. Bee hives at this point I can only confirm four survived (Out of 9), that does equal growth of 1 overall but things have not started blooming yet and I spent a fair amount of money on feed just to keep those four alive. Unless they pick up quickly I am operating at a net loss of resources for them right now as well.

2012 was a hard year, very hard with many set backs, disappointments and long term issues that I believe we have not yet seen the end of yet from not only a local perspective but from a National and World wide one as well.

The roads around here are crap. I mean crap. Pot holes and up heaving patches on the paved roads and nothing but pot holes the size of sink holes and washboarding on the gravel roads. We hear over and over about unemployment going down but for some reason I see no one gaining any new jobs, in fact all I ever read about is more and more layoffs and the actual participation rate just keeps shrinking while those few who have been hired in the last four years are still temps. The local governments haven't cut any jobs yet really but they sure have cut buying consumables. Our infra-structure is collapsing from the outter fringes inward.

Nationally I fear we Conservatives will never win another Presidential election. The only hope we have in that regard is if the Liberal/Feminist can not find another Socialist Black man to run after Obummer. Any other combination of race or gender the Libs try and run may not gain enough support from their own base for a turn out high enough to beat us, but then that also means the Conservatives (which sadly still means Republicans for all intents and purposes) will run someone the majority can get behind. Bottom line I don't see those circumstances happening at the same time. The Liberal/Feminist have finally hit the critical mass they needed with the open immigration and Anti-White Male hatred rhetoric, along with blatant voter fraud, to carry the National elections. Even locally or statewide any conservative candidate must bow to Feminist abortion choices or lose to an obvious crook like Claire McCaskill.

The writing is on the wall here folks. The spending will not stop, the attacks on our rights will not stop, the social engineering will not stop but as we are already seeing basic services and infra-structure maintenance will stop. By basic I don't mean welfare either I mean air traffic controllers and engineers, the Obama phones and EBT cards will continue to flow.

Higher taxes is all we have to look forward to and more regulation to  force us into the cities and bring the "regional taxes" the Liberal/Feminist are hoping for to life. We already see that happening in Detroit, which is now being supported by the State and down in Birmingham where the suburbs are attempting to make a break from the poorly run Democrat city and the powers that be are attempting to use the courts to keep them from doing so.

The situation does not look good folks no matter what angle you view it at.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!


  1. About the only thing our group can do is to get ahead of the curve. Cutting expenses while increasing those budgets that provide long term net gains. Frugality early in the "fall season" will spare a lot of heartache in the winter of the Great Recession.

    1. K - Yep. Except I admit I am still most worried about confiscation. Not just guns either. The more they raise property taxes the closer they are to taking everything and some places will try it.

  2. While working on bottom boards for the hives, Papa Bear had talk radio on. Rush was talking about the "Dream Team" for the democrat ticket in 2016. Hillary Clinton/Michelle Obama. I have not heard this before.

    The feninatzi's will be "peeing" in their pants and all kind of tingles up and down their legs if this happens. We have a very long road ahead of us!

    1. MB - Honestly I am not worried about Hillary. Why? Because they will not be able to get the Black and Brown vote behind her. Now let me explain I don't think they will get behind any Republican candidate but I just feel they just won't be so motivated to vote at all. Add Moochel to the mix and maybe but the only way a Moochel/Hillary ticket would go is with Hillary as President and Moochel wouldn't settle for VP.

      Just my take on it.


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