Friday, January 4, 2013

No Matter How I try Nothing Adds Up

I have been seriously trying to disconnect myself from prepping a bit. Well ok not really disconnecting but allowing myself some mindless entertainment to take over while I work things out in the back of my mind about what is to come.

Really it isn't costing me much from the prepping department since it is almost too cold to work outside or even in the shop much and we have had snow cover for more than a week or so already which makes brush busting a bit hard. On that score the sheep (including Miss 107 Small-Hold matriarch to be) have done a wonderful job of clearing out the section by the barn I fenced off for them. It is now down to bare earth and they have started taking out the little weed trees as well. Clearing the big trees will be easy come Spring now and the temporary opening I made for them to get in the barn and out of the weather was a hole that needed fixing anyway so it is now braced up and ready for the siding as soon as the sheep are moved.

Most of my work is already done there.

I have some fence rows to start cleaning out but no way that can be done with the ground frozen solid.

So about all there is to really work on right now is wood cutting and inside projects and my attention span with inside projects is not as impressive as it is with outside projects. Even re-loading. Much to Mrs. PP's annoyance I will admit :)

Another month until I start the seedlings and I am still not sure how I am going to work that out with the cats. The Queen never messed with anything but Mrs. PP's varmints are not as socially adept at staying away from my stuff.

More to the point of this post I have seriously been trying to find some area where perhaps I maybe wrong on the storm I see brewing and no matter how I try nothing makes sense or seems to hold the weight that it is touted to hold. The Republicans caved, as we knew they would on the fiscal cliff thing. Spending will continue, can kicking will go on but for the life of me I just cannot see what is holding the entire thing up any longer.

Every part of the world is in trouble. Financially, politically, and for most of them ecologically as well (including most of the US). There is no way locally we are going to get anywhere near the moisture the land needs unless it starts snowing more tonight and continues for the next few months. I guess the rains can still come in the Spring but taken as a whole 2013 is NOT looking good from any angle or any number crunching you happen to believe in.

From what I see around the world they are all in serious trouble. Japan is in Chaos, China is over extended and beginning to see massive worker and unemployment issues itself. The Arab world is burning (as always but more than usual now) and Europe is in shambles. The Russian oil fields are beginning to decline and those fields make up over 50% of their economy and even if a few warm Winters thaw out some frozen tundra for them it would be nothing but marshland for decades.

If the drought continues in the US heartland for another year we will be wadding across the Missouri and Mississippi rivers down here as the Dakota's keep all our water for their fracking and shale oil production.

Honestly I am amazed the civilized world is still holding together and I just don't see how things cannot continue to get worse in 2013.

The balloon could go up at anytime so....

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!

Enjoy it while you can.


  1. I agree. I just pray it doesn't come down until we get moved back to MN. My parents have a place in northern MN I could stay if it got ugly.

    1. Rob - I would start packing soon. Be prepared to move fast because I think things may come to the very end game in a heart beat after the slow slide we been in.

      If you need a way point let me know and I will email you directions on finding the Small-Hold

  2. I was just reading The Gone Girl. It essentially is a slightly over the top satire of our current society as seen from the Quincy, MO (or somewhere in that area).

    What I find funny is that everyone talks about the plot line and its various twists back and forth (there are many), but almost nobody takes any issue with the generally collapsed state that author talks about. It's the new normal.

    Wall Street Journal has had some stories out of Greece that sound an awful lot like a slow collapse to me: barter is back!

    1. Russ - Sounds like a story I want to read actually. There is a West Quincy Missouri as well right across the ol Miss from Quincy Ill.

      An interesting part of the country I have some experience with. At least some experience with dating a few women from upt hat way from a few decades ago.

  3. Definitely some ill winds blowing in the world, but the PTB just keep those plates spinning. We need a lot of rain to ease the drought around here as well. I have been digging post holes and the first 4 inches are moist, but after that the soil is powder dry!

    1. SD - Your ground is not frozen? Up here is is pretty hard yet although when the snow finally melts it will loosen it up some.

  4. What a relief it is to read that someone else is just awed that we are still stumbling along. With all the negatives that any sane and mature person can see, we should be in a state of total collapse. I have always been one to plan ahead but how do you plan for the unthinkable? Just keep prepping,I guess.Hard to keep holding my breath. Blessings to all---


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