Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 A Look Back and then into 2013

My biggest prediction for 2012 never really happened. Well OK it continued to get worse but didn't explode into a real problem like I expected. That was of course the Student loan debt. Last time I saw any real numbers on it the amounts had grown and so had the numbers of defaulters who were not paying. I expected the Golfer in Chief to attempt some form of Student loan relief in a bid to secure more young voters but as it turns out the Liberal voter bussing and importation plan along with White American voter apathy was all he needed.

One thing I did predict was out of control Liberal attacks if Obama won and so far that is proving true. It didn't even take more than a month or so for gun control laws to be written and the final moves put in place for the final assault on rural and White America. The attacks will intensify and grow after today I am sure of that.

I know I have been pretty silent over the last few weeks and honestly I am not sure that is going to change much as I attempt to let my internet trail get as cold as I can make myself adhere to. Eventually it won't matter I know and my past postings and information have more than likely already been recorded somewhere I am sure but if I can reduce the priority level directly associated with me and mine perhaps I will have a little better knowledge of how the ground rules work as things progress.

2012 was the turning point my friends. We can no longer trust any numbers we see published or even the mood of our neighbors as an indicator of what America will do. The ones calling the shots and presenting the data are totally dis-connected from us at the top and so totally insane or filled with envy/hate/fear at the bottom with absolutely no ties or feelings of good will towards us the whole thing is unpredictable. We are an enemy to them regardless of their playing nice at the moment so as not to tip their hand. They need to keep all those apathetic voters asleep for a while longer yet why they continue removing our rights and softening us up.

Have you noticed the almost total lack of prediction articles out there this year? Last year they were everywhere yet this year total silence. You might ask why but I feel the answer is simply that there is no factual data or enough sanity left to make any logical prediction for 2013. We are in a social and political war and that brings with it the fluidity and unpredictable nature of war.

I fear at this point 2013 is going to be nothing but ever increasing action vs. reaction until it explodes into violence. The Liberal/Feminist/Multi-Culters believe they have a mandate and are justified to do whatever they wish while a few of us resist. Any attempt at predicting what the left's next move is going to be at this point is impossible to detail and the data for large financial and other issues is as fictitious as this years election returns.

We are in a state of local knowledge only while being connected by Global communications if that makes any sense at all.

With what I see happening and what I read of the mood and anger towards us who fit within the normal prepper mind set I wouldn't be so quick to dismiss that the Mayan "end of the world in 21012" prophesy didn't actually come to pass.

2013 may very well be something different and dangerous I'm afraid.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!


  1. Good points you make. With the government itself preparing for - and predicting - civil unrest, it's hard not to think it's coming.

    And soon.

  2. i truly believe that the world as i knew it is long over-which maybe the mayan predictions held a little bit of weight. anyhow, best to just keep plugging along and staying prepared as best we know keep our skills honed, to continue learning new skills, to stay out of debt to anyone and to keep ourselves alert to all possibilities. happy new year for whatever it is worth.

  3. Thank you for your prespective for the last year, and in advance for the coming year. I check in daily, hoping for your words.

    JP in MT

  4. The anonymous poster above expressed my attitude exactly. Just redouble your efforts to get ready, there is an ill wind blowing in the world today.

  5. PP- Happy New Year. Hope the ill winds of the world blow past your small hold like the rain clouds from this summer. I appreciate your blogging, insight,and thoughts. You have made me pause on several occasions with your wise words. I always look for a your posts first. Take care my friend - Karl

  6. Current political discourse always seems to blow back and forth will very little real, or at least intentional, change at the core of things. The long term demographics, economics, etc, look bleak and don't show much sign of getting better. Looks like the slow downward spiral is still the road we are on.

    For predictions, I did see a fair amount of cheerleading about housing.

  7. I just read a pretty good top 50 prediction list:

  8. P.P. Here's to another year roller coaster year for America. Pull your seat straps tight. The Mrs and I have already decided we will live out in rural MN. No more city life for us.

  9. Dear PP,

    I think your student loan debt bubble bursting prediction was only off a week. Check out zerohedge, they had an article on it stating it was the next almost trillion dollar bailout.

    Not only does the commie-in-chief believe in wealth redistribution, he balances it with debt redistribution.

    Keep prepping!



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