Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Restructuring Continues

I originally planned on completely tearing down this blog. Not because I have stopped being a prepper or do not wish to present prepper materials but because the situation has changed. Before I at least was preparing for an economical or social collapse which appeared to be the primary threat of the time. My assumption was that we would all be in the same boat but those of us who prepared would be better off because of it. I no longer feel that way.

I believe the primary threat has changed. While I really thought Romney was going to win the election I always knew there was a chance that he wouldn't. Many in the prepper community insist that life will go on or that things haven't changed. The status quo is as it was before. Like me they figured (and correctly too I think) that Romney winning would only give us some breathing room and delay the inevitable and Obama winning a second term would simply mean the collapse will come faster. However as I watched the situation unfold Tuesday evening I realized I had made several grave and serious miscalculations and the situation was much different than we all thought.

The signs were right there in front of my face too.

For one thing I believed the Hispanic immigration issue was actually reversing as had been mentioned in articles since the economic crisis hit in 2007. Claims had been made that more illegals were returning home due to our deteriorating financial situation than were coming in. Several days before the election however I came across this article and the alarm bell should have went off in my head then.

Who Got Jobs During The Obama Presidency

Among the findings of this analysis:
  • Since President Obama took office, 67 percent of employment growth has gone to immigrants (legal and illegal).
  • There were 1.94 million more immigrants (legal and illegal) working in the third quarter of 2012 than at the start of 2009, when the president took office. This compares to a 938,000 increase for natives over the same time period.
  • Most of the immigrant growth in employment was the result of new immigration, rather than immigrants already in the country taking jobs. Some 1.6 million new immigrant workers arrived from abroad since the start of 2009 — we estimate 70 to 90 percent entered legally. 

There are more bullet points to read but these are the telling three.

 The data of declining immigrant populations simply do not mesh up with the employment increase data presented in their study. Still the alarm bell didn't sound off.

Almost 2 million more immigrants working in the US since 2009. Do the math on the Hispanic vote Obama got. Not the percentage but the raw total.

At one point in the campaign myself and others noted that it almost seemed like Obama had stopped caring about the election. We mentioned it on here but I now realize it wasn't that he stopped caring about the election he stopped caring what the people, at least the ones watching debates and the like, were thinking.

I believe at this point in the campaign that deals had been made and Obama and his campaign knew exactly how many votes he could count on from the Hispanic side. They had done their math well. This lack of enthusiasm should have set off another alarm bell.

At about this point in the campaign another hint began appearing to me and as with the rest of them I did not recognize it then. Right before the first debate I began focusing a large amount of time to comment posting on various political and news sites. My reasoning was to help squash some of the constant liberal rhetoric that was going on there. Sometime after the first debate but right before the second I noticed a return to the old Liberal claim that demographically Conservatives were outnumbered. Although that eventual minority status by 2050 thing had been a particularly cheerful talking point for Libs a few years ago it came back with a vengeance after the first debate but this time had a twist to it. Their new twist was that they had figured out that they now had a majority voting block of all minorities plus the average 30% number of White Liberals. Another words they knew that the time had finally arrived and that they had the numerical advantage. They no longer needed a gimmick or the White guilt vote to win. 

My belief now is at this point in the campaign someone leaked that knowledge to the Liberal talking head sand pundits. From this point on Obama knew he had the numbers and then began solidifying his ultra liberal base. You will note that it was the second debate that Obama made the Gun Control slip a move that until now had almost always been political suicide for the left.

My ultimate point here and one that applies to all of us Preppers is that in fact the Status quo effect we had been counting on has been completely changed by this election and the Left's new found numbers. Things will begin to move quite quickly now because the Left is not really sure how long they can control their allies and we are no longer all in the same boat.

Like you I thought that an Obama second term would be a same old same old possibility and that 2010 enthusiasm would at least put more of a dent in the Democrat power but it didn't.

This is why I removed all my old posts and all the identifying pictures and such from this blog. Not all of them had info to worry about on them but I wasn't going to take the time to go through each one. As Swampdog put it they already know who I am, which is true I am sure, but were they really paying attention to such a small fish as I before? I have my doubts but they might be paying more attention now or very soon in the future.

I often mentioned in posts that the most dangerous aspect of a collapse was not the collapse but the government trying to consolidate as many resources and such as they could on the way down. I now believe this is exactly what we are headed for and that the main targets for resource confiscation will be us. Before I really believed that community should be the main focus of prepping after individual/family but I know think that we must put more effort into hiding preps and keeping them out of the way of a grabbing leftist government.

So in essence I will need to start over once again.

I hope you all will understand.


  1. We are in agreement here, I did say on my post that things are about to change very soon. I believe his reelection set certain things in motion. But putting a date on it is pointless.

    Our " grace period " has shortened considerably. Also I certainly didn't say everything that was on my mind in that post .....

    Can you send Kymber that email so she can send me your email address?

  2. Matt - Ya I wills end an email off to kymber tonight.

    I am sure you didn't. What is chaffing my ass right now are the butt hurt non-voters or Libertarian voters causing such a belligerent ruckus and being generally un-cooperative on the blogs the last few days. I guess if they were cooperative they wouldn't have voted third party so it makes sense but we need to drop such crap right now.

    Time is short yes indeed.

  3. I am a 1st generation Canadian... therefore, my parents who came from Western Europe were immigrants! Just like your parents or grandparents or greatgrandparents were immigrants. "immigrant" is not a dirty word as you make it sound. I am a North American (Canadian) and you are a North American (from the US). Unless you are Native... we are all immigrants! If you want to control the number of legal immigrants the problem is with the government -not with the legal immigrant... so don´t despise the immigrant.


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