Thursday, January 7, 2021

Theocracy Now


I need to apologize dear readers but I am for all intents and purposes at a loss for words. I know I have not posted for weeks as I have been in a state of shock watching the absolute end of The United States. Not just an end as we know it but the real, bottom of the barrel end. There is no rule of law, there is no holder of an office that upholds the law, no judicial arm seated. Not a scrap of These United States remains. We are living under a fraudulent Theocracy built on the many faces of the Multi-Cult. From the sisters of systemic racism to the bortherhood of Covid fear. They will be rooting out the non-believers with zeal.

Let me stop right here and give this warning to any readers new or old I may have.


Seriously. Do not call attention to yourself. I truly love comments from readers but your safety is far more important than my entertainment or our discussions. I am looking at the big 60 coming up soon. I have been active politically since the first Tea Party protest. Was a founding member of a well known Patriot group, have been escorted away from liberal Senators and even arrested (but not convicted) in the pursuit of preserving the American way of life. I am sure I have been identified long ago and any shred of anonymity I may have enjoyed ended. They know who I am even though I am not important. If you are not already on a list do not get on it for something as trivial as visiting and commenting on a blog or news site, Keep yourself safe and wait to see IF we finally get organized enough to make a real difference.

This is going to get ugly fast and us old farts that are getting to old to run and gun but have been preaching against the evil Left for years have only one thing left to do and that is to keep going and stand by our words until they take them from us. I expect this site will be found and removed at some point as the new Theocracy begins to flex their new found power. We will see.

It will start with censorship and government control of products forced on large businesses. They will not move on guns held by individuals immediately but will ban all manufacture and distribution of them and anything else they don't like or think of as White. Woodstoves, pickup trucks and SUV's, hunting gear,  MAGA hats. Hell they already banned the sale of Trump stuff today. Small farms will be made illegal or taxes raised to make them financially impossible to own. Confiscation will begin after laws are quietly passed that allows it during a traffic stop or whenever law enforcement finds it convenient. Inheritance? Ya right when you die it will all go back to the Theocracy to be redistributed to those more worthy. Reparations and Student Loan debt relief will be immediately addressed you can bet on that. Of course we know who the bill for that will be handed to ultimately.

Guys I don't have a plan to survive this. Our only hope is that at least a few of the States that held free and fair elections embark on a course of Nullification or Succeed entirely. Perhaps those counties with real Sheriffs who understand the Constitution and their duties to the people can hold out. Otherwise I don't know. It painfully obvious we have no allies in Government. No Judicial Branch that is willing to stand up for the Constitution or basic rights against the Multi-Cult. 

In all my years of fighting the Multi-Cult Leftist agenda this is the darkest hour I have ever witnessed. May God Bless and Protect us all.


  1. I still have hope that President Trump will hang the traitors before Jan. 20.

    Remember God is in control. Never give up hope.

  2. If God is with us, who can stand against us?


  3. I remember posting a blog post about ten years ago where I said I was not going to vote in the Presidential election. I had been listening to Gerald Celente and was convinced voting didn't matter any more. That the political system was SO screwed up, that no vote really mattered. I wrote that post and got clobbered by peers, not just nobodies, but people I admired in our blog circle. They said I was nuts and should rethink what I was saying. That it is only through voting that we could keep the bad people out of office.

    Well. Hmm. It would appear that the curtain has finally been pulled back to reveal that voting in America is a fraud and has been for a long time. That clearly explains to me how a "social organizer" gets elected to POTUS...twice!

    But I voted, like a good soldier. But now we see. It is all a sham. To each their own. Form your own local groups and get used to protecting each other. Luckily, you and I and the rest of the blog circle we associate with have been planning for something like this for over a decade.

    Take care,

    Orange Jeep Dad

    1. Found it, 2012:

    2. Is our electoral system a fraud, or did it just fall victim to too many people who thought voting was a fraud, and decided not to vote anymore?... Admittedly, now, voting has become nothing more than a pacifier for the public. The fix was in in 2016, but "they" didn't count on the anger of "flyover country." They didn't make that mistake this time... and never will again... Welcome to the 3rd World, amigos...

  4. Anonymity has become a myth. Every website you visit is tracked, even with the use of privacy tools. So if you visit a blog, or if you comment on a blog, their ability to track you remains nearly the same. There's no point in worrying about it.

    But I do appreciate your good intentions in looking out for us.


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