Saturday, February 14, 2015

Saturday Catch Up

Not a whole lot of catch up topics to write about today for the week. I ended up working my part time job most of the week including today which kept me from getting much done on other projects around the Small-Hold.

I moved the last couple of round bales into the feeding mangers or placed them next to the sheep pens this week. What we have out should last until about the end of the month or at least will last that long for the sheep not so sure about the old nag horses as they are much pickier and eat more. As soon as these bales are gone we will have to buy some. Not a huge big deal as the neighbor has more than he knows what to do with anyway and hay is cheap this year. We kept the yearlings way too long and their consumption put us behind in stores not to mention losing a considerable sum because they got too heavy. As I said 2014 is a total write off for profits anyway as I made way too many big purchases to even hope to be in the black.

2015 isn't starting off that well as far as spending goes either. Besides the diesel tractor I also have 1000 foot of woven wire fence that get's tacked onto the 2015 expenses spreadsheet now. About 500 bucks in fencing and that's assuming I have enough posts and other things laying around to finish the job.

I have almost freed the trellis that was blocked in by the reserve firewood pile now which is good except that means my reserve is low and it looks like we are in for at least a week of below average temps now. Lows in the single digits and highs below freezing for the next five days at least. Brrrrrrr. Still for the Small-Hold this Winter has been a tropical vacation compared to last Winter.

We took the little kitten into the vet yesterday for his final round of shots and worming plus a general checkup. The Vet checked his teeth and bumped his age down from 20 weeks to 16 weeks old. I had told him back at the end of October when I scooped the little guy off that gravel road there was no way that kitten was six weeks old like he claimed. I was guessing then he was barely two weeks old as his eyes weren't hardly opened and he couldn't even stand up well but they insisted he couldn't be that young. Well they know they were wrong now.

Anyway he got a clean bill of health and is now back to running around the house like a little terror. He is scheduled to be neutered next month, which I am kinda morally opposed to but does make sense with cats I guess.

Looks like tomorrow is back to cutting and splitting firewood once again.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!


  1. Well, at least he didn't get neutered today on Valentine's Day, that would just be TOO wrong!

  2. I remember last year, you were hard at it with problems that you corrected during the year. You had the wind coming the wrong way last year and creating havoc as I remember. I keep telling myself that warm weather is only a few weeks away.

  3. PP - our first 2 strays that we took in were already neutered, something that i am kind of morally opposed to, too. and then when Frankie Blue Eyes arrived as a kitten, we were forced to neuter him as well, because the other 2 males were much older and neutered. it broke my heart but sometimes you have to do what you have to do. i try to tell myself that at least they are all safe and warm, well-fed and loved. but i really hate neutering and spaying but when you live in the country and people keep dropping off kittens, you really have no choice. i am glad the little fellow got a good bill of health. you're a good man, PP!

    much love to you and yours! your friend,

  4. You may have gone into the red, but those deals you got will pay off in saved time. So you know the next time when to split the sheep or what ever its called.


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