Monday, December 16, 2013

The Hobbit Part 2 - Vomit on the Big Screen

Just once before I depart this earth I would like to find something laid down by my kin, tribe,people or ancestors that manages to escape the ravages of the Feminist Multi-Cult.

Sadly I doubt I will ever see such a thing.  As one by one they have smeared their taint over our society and artistic works. Literally changing history to fit their own narrative.

I believe I know now the emotion Tolkien attempted to convey to his readers when Dunadan survivors discovered yet another one of their ancient treasures had been perverted by the enemy and twisted into some tool of evil. The last remnants of a dying people defending the tombs and ways of their tribe against all odds.

It isn't the defeat itself or the constant giving of ground. No,  it is watching the slow, twisted destruction of what you hold dear that brings the deepest sting of loss and departure of hope.

Truth is if I had went to see this travesty of a movie alone I would have simply walked out. I guess if you are more concerned with visual effects and beautiful scenery "The Desolation of Smaug" was a good movie.

If however you are a pure fan of Tolkien for the message he was trying to convey and his ability to write a story of truly epic value. Well you will be totally dismayed and completely disappointed.

I do not even think any of the screen play writers have ever so much as read the book. This second movie deviates so far from the actual work I could write a critique on that topic alone that would take up more pages than the original novel did.  In this particular case the screen writers cannot even use the claim they needed to shorten the story to fit the film because they have turned the shortest work of Middle Earth done by Tolkien into a trilogy.

I am truly disgusted to the point of feeling nauseous over the injustice done to "the Hobbit". If you can't tell.

Adding in characters for no other reason than to appeal to certain segments of viewers. Changing the story line to accommodate and promote social religious beliefs that strike against the very core of what Tolkien was warning us about over a century ago. They have turned his dire warning we were meant to embrace as a shield into a weapon striking at our very hearts.

Until now I managed to swallow the little changes and commercialization depicted in the various "Lord of the Rings" movies. Removing an Elf Lord to give Arwen more air time I could live with. Leaving out Tom Bombadil OK sure. Adding in some Orc that seems to live for about 20 natural Orc lifespans, whatever. Calling all Dwarves "Durins Folk" fine. Omitting the entire Southern army of Gondor.... You get the idea.

However inventing some Elf chick to swoon all over a dwarf is the last straw in my book. Might as well have added in a scene of Galadriel dressed in black leather offering to play dominatrix for Frodo back in the first movie.

Now I am sure many a person out there just won't see this the way I do. Many people have no interest in such stories or just don't understand the entire history behind what I am writing about. And that's fine. There is an entire hidden side to Tolkien's work that he left little clues to and in some cases outright admitted to some of them. Treebeard for instance was modeled after C.S. Lewis and the story of the Ents and Entwives was meant to mirror academic lines of research and how they were deviating and causing a rift.

The entire story arc is meant to warn us and explain the overall issues of East v. West, but also how the seeds were set to tear ourselves apart and make the danger greater.

Many people today dismiss this theory as hogwash but that dismissal is as obvious to me as the blatant changes they have made to promote their own agenda over the last few decades.

In a very real sense what has been done to this latest installment of the story arc mirrors what has been happening to our entire society for the last 60 years and if you look deep enough there is some kernel of wisdom there for today's preppers.

I think I am beginning to understand why I wasn't hearing the fanfare and praise for this movie like I did all the others that came before it.

Just really sad.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!


  1. Knowing what we know about Hollywood, did you really expect something different? My daughter had already warned us about this mess of a movie so we won't be watching it unless it comes on TV and then maybe....

    1. MB - Honestly I expected no more deviation than I had seen in the other movies and I could live with that. This was like going from a paper cut to someone slicing your head off with an axe. It was simply terrible.

    2. I don't think the book had a large enough story to make a trilogy out of it to begin with. Guess that is why more characters had to be added into the film? Wonder how far into production is the third? I don't think so many will be as enthused over a third.

    3. I read this evening that the third has already been shot just not edited yet, but that wasn't anything official.

      What's funny is way back when I made a comment that it was stupid to make "The Hobbit" into a trilogy and I had like a zillion down votes on my comment back then. Now today I see that comment everywhere :)

      I am kinda use to that though.

      I just can't believe the amount of liberties they took with this film though. I went to see "The Hobbit" Not their new story that happens to have a Hobbit in it.

    4. Maybe I stole your comment and ran with it...hahahah

      My kids read this book when they were 12 or 13...can't remember. I just remembered the book and wondered how it was going to turn into such a long story. The first film was OK but never as good as the original story.

    5. MB - Nah any sane and rational person would have seen it like US!! I just made the comment in a place where it was visual effect fans and not true Tolkien lovers.

  2. Why a trilogy from a short novel? Money.

    Why the crap sandwich that they've turned this classic story into? Hollywood. Because money.

    1. RP - Ya know I could have forgiven almost anything and although it would be long for the idiots a good three movies could have been made out of it for those of us who love the stories. I don't mind the money I just hate to see it perverted into a multi-cult story.

  3. i am just going to say "ugh"...buddy, i am tired and need ,my bed. ugh. that's all i got.i never watched any of the could tolkien ever be described visually..unless it was through an individual reading it??? going to bed buddy...well after i read your previous post which i must have missed earlier.

    your friend,

    1. kymber - The movies up to this point had some merit in my eyes. They did encourage many people to read the originals in many cases at least. But this is a travesty.

  4. Well. Hum. I just want to get out of the house and take my wife to a movie. I have the books, and I've enjoyed them since I was a kid. Haven't seen the movie yet, but if they have changed it around a lot I am sure I will be annoyed. Still, if we get out and go to dinner, and just go to the movie, it will still be fun for us. We liked the first three. And I thought the first part of the Hobbit wasn't too shabby.

    I also like Elf chicks. ;-)

    1. Harry - Well they do meet Boearn, they do travel in Mirkwood for about 50 yards or so, they do get thrown in prison and they do float on some barrels. Oh and they do make it to Lake Town.

      Other than those things and some names the movie bears no resemblance to the book at all.

  5. Has no one in hollyweird ever seen anyone draw a bow? And has no one told them that bows don't have the same effective range as an AR-15? I wonder what she said when she loosed that arrow without a boob-pad?---Ray

  6. "The Hobbit" movie is the merger of the book "The Hobbit" with a whole lot of other ME material. Which makes it hard to sort out which parts of it are not true to the original source material because it is actually pulling from many sources. That an Elf and a Dwarf became buddies in the Lord of the Rings I am pretty sure was the extant of the warm an fuzzies between those two groups.


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