Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sunday Reading - It's Just NOT Natural

Since I woke up in the middle of the night, mostly a bit uncomfortable from over doing it yesterday (and yes all "before the rains hit" goals were achieved and then some) a couple of thoughts were slowly turning in my head as the long quiet hours of morning slowly ticked away.

I believe most preppers or survivalist or homesteaders or whatever you want to call yourselves are also patriots. We are each of us III% or Fifty III% and will defend our homes and would even defend the rights of others along with our own when it comes down to it. Many other like minded bloggers out there see the direction we are heading and focus more on the highly likely scenario of continued Federal government oppression to the point of actually fighting for our very rights.

All things being equal I mull over it and blog about the same or how I see it happening myself. Any sane and awake patriot can see the direction we are heading and the logical conclusion. I however also see another avenue of our salvation open up from time to time and close just as quickly.

As I have mentioned in the past we do not live in a vacuum. There are many outside or other world players that can very easily make the life of us preppers and patriots much easier going forward than we might think at first glance. What we have in These United States today is not a naturally occurring set of circumstances we must always keep that in mind. Only vast amounts of surplus energy can create a society so out of touch and removed from God and nature itself as to make the craziness and depravity we see around us possible.

We are in a war right now. Not a war of gunfire yet but we have been maneuvering like pieces on a chess board for the last several years. Wars of maneuver are very fluid things and circumstances ranging from public opinion to outside antagonist can change the landscape very quickly. We have seen so many different landscapes and possible changes come and go it is hard to determine which ones made a real impact and which ones didn't but two things I believe are clear.

1. Through many direct political means and with the help of economic problems we have played a significant delaying action and slowed the Federal juggernaut of  Tyranny down in more ways than it ever thought possible.

2. Ultimately time is on our side.

I often see many writers asking why we are not hitting the streets or striking back but I sense so many of us see that the longer we hold out and the more we delay the more we weaken the Federal position. Everyday the deficit and debt grow, every week a new outside enemy senses weakness and division and rattles their sabers a bit louder.

The Country which is now our old Nation in name only wastes Billions and Billions of dollars on self destructive ideological whims. Will sacrifice it's very well being for no other reason than to attempt to insult an old tradition or put a round peg in a square hole. It will literally beg outsiders to enter and be taken care of for no other reason than to do so with no benefit forthcoming because of it, only more cost. It attacks our best and brightest from early childhood with decades of evidence proving it is detrimental but refusing to even look. It knowingly and willingly debases it's own currency and attempts to impoverish the very people that keep it alive.

I am certainly not advocating rolling over to tyranny and  waiting it out if they push us. I am simply pointing out that our very unnatural state of being has made us a target of outside forces sensing weakness. I am thinking it just maybe that those very outside forces may create a set of circumstances where the Federal Tyrant might be a bit too busy elsewhere to continue grinding us underfoot and if it is weakened just a bit more it may crumble.

Prep for all possibilities my friends. Which direction this minefield of collapse finally takes is wide open at this point. We must be equally ready to not only take to the field but live on our own for years as well. Some days it looks as if we may defending our rights against our own government in the morning but by afternoon it looks like we may be in a "Once Second After" Scenario.

We just don't know yet what particular match is going to set this firecracker off.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!

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  1. Another well written stop and think post my friend. With so much going on in the world today its understandable that many sheepeople just don't pay attention.


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