Monday, April 1, 2013

Not out of the Woods Yet

As I mentioned we had a lovely warm day yesterday but this whole ordeal isn't over yet. Today dawned Sunny but there is an evil North wind blowing in and we barely got our temps into the 50's if at all. The son says it was spitting snow this morning before the sun came up although I didn't see it. It may have warmed up or the wind died down enough for the bees to get out at some point today but I never saw them or any other insects while I was working outside. I also had to put on my Winter hat because of that cold wind.

So we are back to wait and worry mode for a bit. Long range forecast says we are going to warm up slowly once again building up to 60's by the weekend so we will see. All I can do is take advantage of warm temps as they present themselves and hope the girls got a little more in to sustain them for another cold snap. The brief warm ups are getting a bit longer now though so we are slowly...ever so slowly... moving to warmer days.

I am really missing being able to just go out and view an active hive whenever I want so I am chomping at the bit to get this new hive moved to the garden apiary. I also am worried and thinking I shouldn't have messed with them yet or that I did some harm placing them on a new bottom board at such a lean time.

At least it is warm enough to get some work done outside even if it isn;t warm enough to be pleasant while doing so. I have three different little projects going on in various states of completeness, each that kinda touches the others and my truck is loaded down with another pile of scrap metal that needs to be taken in tomorrow morning. After it is unloaded I will then be able to go get this new hive hopefully tomorrow evening.

The garden spot is actually showing dry spots now as well. Who knows I may even be able to start planting some things this weekend if the weather finally starts to cooperate a bit.

I know not my usual state of affairs with the weather is it? One can still hope though.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!


  1. I am going to go out on a limb and predict that the weather this year is going to be a roller coaster like then cool all summer, with and early cold fall and winter.

  2. We are having 100 percent rain for 2 days and temperatures are not going above 38 degrees. I am biting at the bit to get out and garden but can't do that right now. We have the potential of flooding to deal with now :-(

    I hope your weather stabilizes for you.


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