Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Another Project Done

Once again I am feeling the evening effects of overdoing it during the day. I don't think I can deny the fact any longer that I am getting old, the pains and minor mishaps just won't go away as fast as they used to.

I couldn't really decide on which project to work on this morning right away. I have some more scrap metal that needs loading up including a couple of collapsed/bent round pen panels and an old window air conditioner unit someone left in one of the storage sheds along with other misc. tidbits of metal rods, pipes, smooth wire, a wheel barrow bed. General Junk. I thought about loading that stuff up and getting it out of the way but then took a different route. I seriously have an abundance of bee hive supers stacked on my deck and filling my shop so I figured I needed to just bite the bullet and get the shelves finished today.

Of course the floor and wall of the storage shed isn't all that smooth and level. I think they used about three different thickness of planks when they made it. It is the same oak planking as the barn so it is well over 100 years old I estimate and harder than the scrap metal I been picking up. For this reason I just made shelf ladder supports out of 2"x 2" and just put the whole thing together as one stand up unit. Two foot wide shelves twelve foot long. The supports were the easy part what I wasn't looking forward to was wrestling the 4'x8' sheets of half inch plywood and cutting the shelves.

Moving the last sheet out and putting it on my sawhorses was when I got my injury as a big wind gust chose the exact moment of maximum collection surface to try and rip the sheet out of my hands. Of course I was totally supporting the thing at the time arms spread apart and slightly off balance. Figures. I didn't lose the sheet but I sure pulled my shoulder out something fierce and now it is crawling up my neck as well. I will live, but like I said it is amazing how stuff I would have shrugged off just a  few years ago wants to stay around and make me groan these days.

So the shelves are finished and I have already been getting large, bulky stuff out of my way and stored in there nice and neat like. Couple of coolers, portable airtank that never seems to fit anywhere well, some of the Mrs'. Stupid flower pots, that huge radial arm saw from my shop I tripped over all Winter.

The minor project list just seems to keep adding up faster than I am getting them finished this Spring though. I still need to do a couple of full hive checks, get the cistern cap started, move the old rotting fence boards out of the fruit tree area I want to get going this Summer, finish two more raised beds and take down another short fence line. Luckily the next fence line isn't filled with junk so it should go fast just a matter of using the tractor blade to pull the posts out. I need to get this minor list (except the cistern cover) finished by this weekend or the weeds will make getting the new fruit tree area ready a bit more of a problem.

Rush rush rush. My window of opportunity is closing fast. Supposedly we have a whopper of a storm coming in tonight and lows back down into the 30's so apparently Winter has one more little blast to try and throw at us.

We will see if it cuts into my project time tomorrow.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!


  1. MN is getting rain/ice/sleet and finally heavy snow, 12" when its done. maybe you will get a dusting.

    1. Rob - It looks like the snow and sleet is going to be West of us by a bit and move Northeast. So far anyway. They are still predicting our lows to not go below the middle 30's. We will see though. The temps have already dropped 20 degrees this morning.

  2. PP,

    That damn storm was so unpredictable. Late yesterday evening the humidity levels were high, clouds moving fast and nd remained low with all kinds of circular movement. Around 6:30PM the dry line moved, temperatures started dropping and around 2:15AM heavy winds,thunder, lightning, rain, and hail came down. Temperatures dropped to 28 degrees when I woke up this morning early. I hope you have better weather then we have here.

    Both my husband and I hear you on projects, the list keeps growing and were no longer young chickens. Were also realizing it takes us longer to do those project than it did several years ago. It surely sounds like you did accomplish a considerable amount of work yesterday?

    I'm sorry to hear your shoulder was pulled out from holding the wood while the wind whipped you around. Be careful, especially with that wind while working.

    1. Sandy - So far we just been getting rain but the temps are dropping. Luckily my shoulder and neck were fine this morning, I was expecting it to get worse so I was pleasantly surprised.

      I am hoping to get out between the rain periods and pull some of that fence down today. We will see.


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