Thursday, April 11, 2013

And So It Begins

Yes the decline and eventual collapse started some years ago. Looking back on the last four, almost five years now proves which way we have been heading despite Enron accounting numbers from the Federal Government and an MSM whitewashing.

Our traditional enemies know it and continue to rattle their swords and prepare for what is coming. They are ready to kick US influence out of just about every area of the globe. It is not a good time to be a Foreign Ally of the USA, especially if the US has been propping you up for decades.

Smaller nations have already been dealing with the effects of decline for years and are not coming back despite continuous bailouts and attempts to lessen the pain of austerity. Those nations that relied on US consumers have been opening up new trade channels. US world percentage of the GDP has dropped almost 20 percentage points over the last few years I believe.

The National Politicians here in the US have known it of course for years as well. The problem is none of them can see past re-election or their own personal bias and political ideology to understand what needs to be done and how we actually got to this point to begin with.

Far too many of them have embraced the Feminist/Liberal/Multi-Cult religion and will never realize that each day they move further and further away from the only values able to protect us from the overall decline. Of course we have to realize that to them those values are as much a decline as what they are producing with their own socialist and racist programs. To us the need for simpler times and sustainable living is the only viable solution but to our National leaders, mostly Democrat but many Republicans as well, a return to those times is just as horrifying as traveling back to the stone age. The very policies of our current political class depend on the very things they have been wasting, over using and oppressing for years.

Many, if not most of these politicians and petty bureaucrats know their entire lives depend on government sponsorship and favorable treatment. From our current "Golfer in Chief" (Especially him) to more than likely half the county clerks and other government employees across the country all owe their entire lives and well being to government oppression, massive taxes and preferential treatment.

We have all known these facts for years and discussed them here and other places many times. Nothing new there. What we are seeing right now however is the start of the real oppressive phase of this collapse. There simply is not enough to go around any longer. The politically favored groups are going to have to really begin gouging the productive classes if they wish to continue on as they have.

I have warned and predicted this phase was coming and I certainly wasn't the only one to do so. This last election cycle saw every level of government that could raise taxes without a popular vote do so. It also saw every level of government that needed a popular vote to raise taxes attempt to, most of them failed but they will not give up and the Federal government will not hesitate to trickle more money down to the locals as long as they tow the line.

What begins now are constantly rising taxes which we are seeing with the current budget proposals and recent deficit agreements that will go hand in hand with the erosion of our rights beginning with the Second Amendment. The fact that so many politicians from each party is willing to even discuss these so called compromises proves these rights are doomed.

The toughest phase of  sustainable survival is now at hand my friends. We are the targets and soon we will all be criminals or economically ruined by taxes aimed solely at rural landowners. The time to decide on how we will each meet this coming phase is almost at hand.

How will you meet it?

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!

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