Thursday, January 24, 2013

It's Coming and I Aim to Misbehave

I noticed a couple other bloggers who I am sure don't read this blog (or at least will never admit to it if they do) picked up on my Liberal army post from yesterday for themselves. As usual the other sites skirted the real underlying issue and failed to identify the base long term goal of the feminist but I must say sites such as the ones I am talking about have come a LONG way in the last few years.

I won't mention any names but more than a few patriotic bloggers out there have begun to really see the light and even though they have'nt joined the ranks of the few who are openly pointing out the Liberal/Feminist agenda of White male genocide they have retreated quite a bit on yelling racist and following the established media's guidelines on what is appropriate to point out.

Just like the decline, my theories on an eventual breakup of the union and so far my prediction of Obama unleashed in his second term. OK, really it is Obummer unleashing his minions. The Golfer in Chief doesn;t really do anything himself if you have noticed but urges his underlings and then rubber stamps their actions.  We are on a  direct road course for all of these and a fight is coming my friends.

Seriously it is coming.

Many don't believe me but there is really no other outcome I can see at this point. The Liberals know they have the immigrant mercenary voters or at least enough that they can justify in their own minds anything they do. The Republicans at the Federal level are doing nothing. NOTHING except going along and letting the Left do whatever they want. From the budget, cabinet choices,  scandals and spending to this current second amendment crisis. I am now beginning to think they will cave on it as well. Not a one of them is really speaking out against it.

The only resistance to the Liberals is coming from the State and local levels, a few national organizations as well but for all intents and purposes we are being left to defend our own.

It's a matter of simple survival ladies and gentlemen. Simple survival at this point. The left is not going to stop and I believe we have reached a point where the real Conservative Americans are not going to give in any longer.

As I said a few months back. We are at prep level five. The zombies are inside the wire and the fight has already begun or at least the maneuver phase is underway.

All we need is the spark to start this fire and I believe soon the Left is going to strike a match.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!


  1. I disagree, the republicans are doing something on the federal level. They are setting themselves up for future power grabs by deflecting blame on others. Financially, they are getting what they can, by hook or by crook.

    1. K - OK One those points I stand corrected. You're right :)

  2. PP is on point when he writes about it coming down to survival. If you don't have your preps at a level to sustain you through an extended period, better get 'er done. I truly believe this is the calm before the storm and it is going to be one *#%@&% of a storm.

    1. Yes and I think the calm is just about done. Thanks for commenting!!!


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