Saturday, December 8, 2012

Taking a Break

With all the recent developments and what appears to be the new hostile environment at least politically on a National level I just can't seem to get motivated to do much posting anymore.

Any hope I may have harbored for a reasonable descent into austerity and sensible spending has been totally dashed. The re-election of our current farce of a President was a clear sign that we have went over the cliff socially and the enemies of liberty and freedom are heading into a full frontal offensive against what remains of traditional America now.

The upcoming fiscal cliff will be the first of many assaults. Do not be mislead the Democrats want us to go over this so called cliff because what they really want are the increased taxes on everyone and reduced military spending. They will also be able to blame the increased taxes on what remains of the Republican party but reap the benefits of the increased revenue. No spending will be reduced at all.

This will simply be the start of the bad times to come.

The Republicans, which we had hoped had enough true Conservatives backing them to make changes have now completely given up as a National party and are bound and determined to become simply the Democrat light party. After one month of knowing they have free reign the government Juggernaut has increased their payroll and began adding employees from their protected classes of people at a staggering rate.

Generals are being "retired" left and right as we speak and replacements are being sought from the same classes of society the government is recruiting from for their civilian positions.

The reality is that the Femocrats are attacking the very glue that holds this country together but they will never see that because they hate that glue more than anything. Therein lies the paradox and the final solution but the crisis will need to grow and almost kill the entire host before the parasites can be eliminated once and for all.

I no longer can recommend prepping in place and building your own sustainable island in a sea of greed and over spending. I no longer feel that our individual rights to property and security are secure in their own right. This also produces an issue as the methods I believe are prudent at this point are also not something that should be published online for all to see.

Until I figure out how to balance my need to inform the public and like minded individuals with the new "normal" and the upcoming government hostility I just cannot get motivated to post much.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!


  1. PP - no probs and i completely understand! do whatever is recquired to keep you, your family and hopefully some members of your community safe. and post when you can...and when you want to. we'll all still be here.

    your friend,
    (you know the address. get many copies of google maps and figure out a variety of ways to get there. and start thinking about it....for real.)

  2. I understand needing a break. Sometimes we need to step back and re-evaluate. I hope this will be temporary as reading your posts on the progress you are making encourages many to keep striving to build our islands. Come back when you can.

  3. yes, post election has been nothing more than disappointment and heartache..i cant hardly get motivated myself these days..i have noticed a few things though that have my attention-people are getting really nervous and crochety lately. and some of my non prepping acquaintances are actually turning mean. and my prepping friends seem depressed and withdrawn more than usual. i cannot hardly stand to watch or listen to the news these days..none of it bodes well. soooo, i am turning it off and keeping myself at home and although i am still prepping (as always) i am done with trying to reach out and help others understand. i am ready to crawl into a cave and hibernate for a little while.

  4. Email me through my blog and keep in touch please.

  5. Preppy - Sometimes it is helpful to step back for a while. I admit that I'm incredibly depressed about the state of things as well. I also hope your time away is brief as your blog is a great encouragement to me every day.

  6. I understand completely. I am basically getting ready for "the new normal", less money after all the new taxes. FOX news has an article on the new medical equipment taxes. They are looking at an increase of closer to 15% than the 3.8 they advertize. I think we are about to find out what those that voted for the "status quo" think is a good thing, and that it is just going to bite them in the ***. I wonder how long it will take for the "entitlement" people to realize, that if they "take from the rich" it is really what used to be the middle class. Then who will they take from?

  7. More frugal prepping tips to endure the decline is the general leaning of my more current postings. Reviews, a little humor, and the truth. Take care...and Keep Right On!!!


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