Thursday, November 8, 2012

What Really Happened? The Feminist have lost control

We are witnessing the end times back lash to 50 years of victim politics pushed and used by Feminist power players. It has almost run it's complete circle from perceived and overblown oppression of one race to the hatred and oppression of another race/gender combination.

I stand by my observations of Feminism infiltrating and then taking complete control of the civil rights movement. Nothing has changed in that area but what we are seeing today are the first signs of Feminism's grasp slipping and from this point on it gets really ugly.

You want to see what your average young White feminist is feeling? Go browse through the comments at slate, huffpo or femisting. All of them pretty much follow the other.

Republicans are old White guys. Old White men must change or die. Republicans must change their views and become more appealing to minorities, gays and women.

Yet these same White guy hating fools have missed something. I am not even going to go into the standard argument of civilization being built by White men yadda yadda, it has no effect on the left. No what they missed is that the Feminist vote actually lost numbers this time around not only in actual numbers but in percentages as well. The percentage of the White female vote going to Obama fell by almost 4% this election cycle. In the election return/numbers world that is pretty huge actually.

But what does it mean and why? Well there are several reasons but the two big ones spell doom for the Feminist movement and unless the reviled and hated White Males can come out and pick up the pieces it will spell doom for America as well.

The first happens to be a direct side effect of Feminism itself, The incredible low birth rate among Whites especially White Feminist. It is taking it's toll and has always been an issue with feminist but they have managed to keep their numbers pretty constant over the years by recruiting women from more Conservative families into their fold and importing minorities by the truckloads. Their policies have assured a larger percentage of young White females leave home for the liberal college towns and are then immersed into the feminist party of play and politics.

You can see how the feminist ideology changed over the years, what some call feminism 1.0, 2.0 etc. but what you are really seeing is feminism changing it's appeal to get more and more women into their ranks. Abortion being the number one selling point. Feminist always complain they want to be free of Male domination but their actions show they really want to be free of natural responsibility of procreation and the ties that bind because of it. Once they hit critical mass however they knew they were never going to carry the majority there were always the straight married women that canceled out the young stupid single male vote and gave Conservatism a perpetual slight edge.

This problem was solved with immigration, both legal and illegal. Now some readers here feel big business and big politics played a roll here as well and they did I won't deny that. All these people coming in looked good to a number of different interests, at least on paper, so you cannot totally blame the Feminist for it but the Feminist used these immigrants in the most dangerous fashion imaginable and that is the crime for which all of us are going to have to pay the price.

The minority Juggernaut the Feminist have built is now turning on it's maker. The price these election mercenaries require is huge. For their support the White Feminist found it necessary to openly celebrate inter racial relationships and go a bit further into White Boy bashing than I believe they really wanted to. The feminist had to open the welfare coffers wide and overlook some obvious anti-female cultural and religious traditions their mercenaries brought with them.

We have reached the point now to where the mercenary election army is now taking over the entire camp however and the leaders are losing control. The party continues but the goals where never to bring in productive, boring darker clones of the Old White guys. There was no movement of replacing the agricultural productive landowners or really replacing the population in the rural communities they wanted service workers and city dwellers. The more the merrier to join in the party.

And that is exactly what they got.

They also got loose fiscal accountability,  increased world police responsibilities, massive foreign aid bills, out of control pensions and now a voting block that is taking on a life of it's own.

Now rural and Conservative America is going to have to clean up this mess and the peaceful solution we could have used has been closed off to us. It's act or die time my friends.

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