Friday, November 9, 2012

Investigators Find Jambaloney's Body

We now have proof that kymber has slain Jambaloney while in a hormonal rage. In an attempt to cover her tracks she pulled the body out of it's shallow grave and positioned it in the yard hoping someone would see it and assume it was alive. She didn't even wash the dirt off if you can believe it, but instead snapped this photo hoping we would all buy into the deception.

Luckily justice was swift and as kymber was taking her little photo op set up down the Canadian FBI showed up.

RIP Jamby!!!


  1. LoL and the truth is out now

  2. i swear to all that is good that he is still alive! watch for tomorrow's post in which i will take a pic of him looking at the cape breton post online.

    jeesh PP...ya never let up eh buddy!

    your friend,

    1. Well in all fairness I was going to drop it figuring I had gotten all the mileage off if it I was gonna get but then you guys posted this perfect picture of Jamby covered in mud and ya know don't let an opportunity go by :)

    2. Watch her she could have taken the photo before her she offed him.

      Glad to see some humor in these darkening days.

  3. Maybe it's the state of the world in general, but I am presently just too fragile not to be upset by the possibility of Jam being hurt or killed. They both had a close call when the truck backed up recently. I think we better all pray for their safety. They might be in an idyllic place, but idyllic is apparently dangerous too !


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