Wednesday, June 17, 2015


This last batch of rain storms we have had over the last week have officially moved us back into saturated conditions. A couple of the garden plants looked as if they were going to pull out and begin to flourish last week but not so now.

It just won't stop raining.

All the stunted Buckwheat sections have now died out completely. No big deal as there is plenty left in the other parts but those parts are now losing the battle with the weeds as the rain helps the weeds more than it does the Buckwheat.

We actually have Zucchini although the Squash plant to the left has become stunted now. The real problem is you cannot get to the Zucchini to pick em as if you step into that brown mulched area you will lose your boot for good.

Instead of the ground being like walking on a sponge, now it's like walking on a sponge that is setting in a bowl of water. Between the constant rain and the lack of weeding time right now I am curious to see how much survives at this point. The creeks and streams have risen enough now that I have to take my truck into the hospital because of standing water on the roads in several places.

Everything is just mud with no end to these rains in sight according to the forecast.

At this point I am so far behind I am pretty sure several raised beds and other areas are going to officially be moved to the "Need to be reclaimed" category.  A few of my fence and gate posts are also pulling up now because of the rain soaked ground too.

The good news is they are moving Mrs. PP out of ICU today and she has been given a clear bill of health in the physical and medical areas. No more constantly being hooked up to monitors and having to go get someone to turn off alarms to go to the bathroom. She is still a bit shaky in the concentration and focus departments though but not enough for them to sentence her to a rehab stay somewhere. She is still going to have to stay in the hospital a few more days though until the danger of tremors is over. About another week I think.

What all this is going to mean when I get her home yet is unclear but some serious downsizing will be in order for a while I recon.

This will be a good test to see what we have already planted that can survive with minimum labor input though. As I have long suspected the trees and vine perma-culture plants will probably do the best. Of course a lot of the stunting and dying is also rain related as I have mentioned.

Generally speaking things are still up in the air. I am pretty much winging this right now but I am certain there is much to be learned from this turn of events in the survival and prepping areas though. There maybe some changes coming to how we do things after this.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!!!


  1. So happy Mrs. PP is out of ICU! Prayers for her continued recovery & for you to get through the next few months. I have no doubt that you will figure it all out.

  2. Mr PP glad to hear she is doing well. If I may made a suggestion from my experience with my wife when she was very ill. Husbands who become care givers sometimes loose perspective and forget to be the loving man we know you are. It doesn't cost you anything to hug her and tell her how much you love her many times a day.

    Carl in the UP

  3. I am so glad to hear Mrs PP is doing so good!
    Being a care taker is hard, but sometimes us women don't make it easy lol. I know that my hubs way is not my way, and it has taken me much to long to figure out that is ok.
    We car about things guys don't so much, dirty floors, laundry piling up, dirty bathrooms. If Mrs is a "cleaner" , maybe hire someone to come clean the morning before you bring her home, it will help you keep up, and make her smile

  4. Glad to hear Mrs PP is better. The garden may have to just make it on it's own this Summer while you play Nurse.

  5. Good news bout Mrs.PP some of my squash and zucchini are doing the stunted crap.
    I have no idea we ain't soggy here.
    Keep preppin bro!

  6. oh buddy - i am so sorry about everything being a sponge - it is just nuts! but i am so glad that Mrs. PP sounds like she is bouncing back like no one ever has! she is going to need you - no doubt - and she will be cranky so just put up with it. she sounds like is healing way faster than normal so just let her be cranky and shaky and when she's back to normal - which sounds like it will be sooner than most - then you can make her do all kinds of jobs like feed the sheep and build fencing. but until then - just be kind to her and be kind to yourself. you must remember that though this happened to also happened to you. i send much love to you both, brotha!

    your friend,

  7. Glad Mrs. PP is advancing and is getting out of ICU. It makes us all think about how we would get through such a series of events.

  8. Thanks for the update and very good news indeed. Understand about the sponge - we are on the tail end of a tropical storm and everything is soaked. I am about a month behind planting.

  9. PP,

    Great news about Mrs.PP coming out of ICU, and into a regular room.....before you know it she will be back at home :-)
    I so hear you about mud and rain, it's back and it's not stopping anytime soon.
    One can only pray what is planted will survive, and produce something worth harvesting.

    Take care of yourself, and give Mrs. PP a hug from all your friends.

  10. That is great news! I am sure you are relieved that things are going as well as they are.

  11. don't know about effects of her operation but the worst thing is the anaesthesia.

    takes your brain away.
    after one operation it was about a year before i could read a book with any retention.
    it is a nerve poison and your brain is a nerve. don't expect her to hit on all brain cylinders for a long time.
    i'm told that exercise helps rid the body of the anaesthesia.

    if she's shaky it would behoove you to buy a walker at a second hand store for just in case. they are really helpful.

    raining here- again!
    can't plant anything.

    good lesson in storing food.
    some years, maybe more than one year in a row, you won't get much if anything from a garden.

    acorns, apples and some others only produce well every other year.

    lots to know and learn to be prepared.

    good thought from kymber-- what happens to one in a family happens to others, too, but in a different way. never thought of that before. thanks, kymber.


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