Sunday, June 21, 2015

Sunday Reading - The Joker Syndrome at Work

In one of the many incarnations or re-writes of the Batman saga one of the Joker manifestations had a discussion with ol' Bruce about how he, The Joker, was actually a creation of Batman himself. How the very being of Batman logically lead to the creation of super villains.

Simple cause and effect. An area of study Liberals, Feminist and Multi-Culters fail to even acknowledge in their ideology. Feminist complain there are no successful Men to marry as they take all the jobs thereby guaranteeing less successful men. Liberals tax more and more then wonder why their programs end up costing more than the taxes they bring in. You get the idea.

This latest shooting at the church in Charleston is another prime example of the Joker syndrome at work.

Don't believe it? I invite you to read the guy's manifesto. Not the article, which is full of twisted, biased Multi-Cult hatred but the full manifesto that can be found at the bottom of the article.

Charleston Shooter's Manifesto revealed.....

While the liberals scream for gun control and the Feminist Multi-Culters blame his parents and hope to gain even more money for programs out of this, keep in mind that this murderer isn't a product of some type of institutional and/or hereditary racism but was formed and molded by what he sees going on around him. He says it right there in his own words.

The questions he asked himself were dealing with the lies and myths he was taught by the Feminist dominated schools. The hypocrisy he rebelled against was that he saw in the media. Had he been allowed to succeed under these lies he would have never questioned them but alas for all the protected classes to succeed someone must pay and that group was the one he was in.

As I noticed at the hospital recently there are few young White Male doctors. These days I see successful young White Men as lawyers or independent business Men never in anything even remotely attached to government largess.  Few if any managers, teachers, or any other position that requires acceptance by more than themselves. Most White men working around here are pulling trailers with zero turn mowers on them.

Not only are these young Men cut off from adult success they are also denied any of the support traditionally given to young boys. Everything about them is discarded or suppressed as evil. Many have family contacts that can overcome these social engineering restrictions but most do not and they are a group that is growing up with the same questions this young man had. Marginalized with only their own feelings and emotions to guide them they will end up lashing out violently like this one did.

As Gerald Celente likes to say when a Man has nothing to lose he loses it and that is just the environment the current Feminist Multi-culters have created.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!!!


  1. PP,

    One thing the MSM will never touch with anybody else's pole is the simple fact that this young man, as well as every single example of mass murder in schools or not, the person involved was medicated. In this case with SSRI inhibitors where the common side effect is violence. Yet the focus is on inanimate objects.

    But I will admit my first reaction to this shooting was a reaction to the young man's words in essence suggesting blowback against the overwhelming PC system in place.


    1. Further info here:



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