Sunday, June 14, 2015

Sunday Reading - The Female Victim of Feminism

Got back to the Small Hold this morning to finish up the yard trimming and restock the grain bins for my mother who is feeding the sheep. I have some bee hive things to do today but once again the rain has thwarted any attempt in that department and forced me inside for a bit.

While I am away from the hospital my sister in law is standing watch. She shows up almost every day at around 9 or 10 AM and stays with Mrs. PP until I return. I must admit the sister in law has been a life saver and has went above and beyond the call with support during this time and she has earned my loyalty for it.  While I have always found my Sister in Law to be very similar to myself in attitude, taste and general level headedness in so many ways her and I are complete opposites.

For one she is the text book example of a late baby boomer feminist beneficiary. Oh she certainly doesn't hate men. Far from it, but she has benefited directly from the Feminist Multi-Cult movement and been so twisted by it that she cannot even admit nor recognize she is in fact a victim and about to pay the price for it.

From the time she graduated from High school she jumped into a State job. One that paid her enough money to live a carefree local life, certainly no jet setter type at first but much more than any private sector job would have given her. There was always the claim that she made a modest income but never any mention that raises came on schedule, pension contributions were more than generous, education was completely paid for, sick leave and vacation was handed out generously. You get the drill all at the public expense.

To her this was fair. She earned it.

It allowed her to live her independent life. On the tax payer dime of course but she earned it. No worries of a husband needed, she could pick and choose and hang out with friends. Ultimately that hang out time got longer and longer.

Today she is ready for retirement whenever she puts in for it. She can come and go from her public job whenever she wants, take off for a solid week without worry of losing it and knows that at a mere 53 years old if they even say anything to her she is already eligible to retire with a guaranteed pension. It's all roses from her point of view and she mentions it often.

Yet as we spend more and more time together waiting through surgery, frequent naps etc. I detected a slight look of concern in her eye. She mentioned that there was no one to spend every night with her if she suffered an emergency like Mrs. PP. I over heard the Wife and her talking about finding a single doctor for her the other day. The sister in law flat out admitted there wasn't even one White Male doctor in the place she had seen the entire week only one very old one that appeared to be at least in his late 60's. In truth I noticed this right off myself. All the doctors are either Women or Asian/Hindu type Men.

She (Sister in law) asked me the other night what I thought of a reverse mortgage for her. My answer was she is the prime candidate for such a thing. No spouse or children to worry about, no one to leave anything too that would really need it. Only a brother and sister. The answer did not seem to cheer her up at all especially when she mentioned she should make sure her pets have an account to be taken care.

There's in old saying out there that nothing is for free. My sister in law is not alone in her circumstance and a prime example of paying for something one way or another. All in good time.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!!!


  1. i just thank the dear sweet Lord that i am NOT your sister-in-law. i had pretty much given up to the fact that i was her, minus the feminism, until i met jambaloney when i was 30. i had always wanted a husband and family, but i knew exactly what i wanted in a husband by watching the good, and the bad, that my father, and other men in my life, did. i joined the military to pay off my student loan and although i met many fine men who would have made some woman a wonderful husband, i didn't meet the one for me. at 30 i was very able to see in to the future and see myself in your SIL's current position. it scared me. and then - lo and behold - in walks woody harrelson (he DOES NOT look like harrelson) and everything i ever wanted fell into my lap. don't think i say that lightly. he has been an incredible provider, incredible support, and he is the best part of the best part of me that i could have ever become. i took him from his family to a remote little island that accepts NO ONE who wasn't born here and can't trace their lineage here back to at least 200 years - and he has become an enigma that everyone loves - he's the long-haired city hippy with the pirate bandana that does the computers for the company that everyone here works for. i just knew that he could thrive here and thrive he is doing in spades! he trusted me enough to give up a high-paying lucrative city job to move here and trust me when i said i would support him on my pension...that i earned (when i was in the military we paid a private insurance company and then i rolled my gov pension into that). i know how you feel about pensions, PP, but i was forced to pay into this private insurance and i did pay...and now we are reaping the benefits. my pension is very small but i just want to stress how much he gave up and how much he trusted me. and how well he is thriving here. he is the social butterfly here - everyone knows him - even people he has never met! i think it's because of the long hair and the bandana!

    all of this to say that although i was always very conservative, never a feminist (*shudders*) and always looking for a meaningful partnership with a man whom i would let be "the husband" - i never thought it would happen. i thought i would become your SIL. sad thought indeed. your sentence "paying for something one way or another" is very true.

    i am so glad that you have Mrs. PP and that she has you. you are a good man, PP. sending much love to you both, and healing prayers to Mrs. PP. your friend,

    1. something tells me that you meant "see into the future" more than just "metaphorically".....

    2. anonymous...i am not sure what you mean but if you have a specific question i would be very happy to answer.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. LOL - So you do have a time machine!

      I knew there was no way you could fix all that food yourself if you were stuck to the mere-present like the rest of us.

      I'll bet you learned how to pilot it in during your Canadian military service. It's no wonder we could never conquer you -even with John Candy's help the one time- Every time we won one, you-all just set the clock back and had a do-over.

    5. bahahahahah! oh Russell i have been wondering about where you were? did you get my email? i sent it like over a month ago? i am just happy to see that you are still around - i bin missing you!

    6. Yes I did, if it was the one about my inability to figure out the controls on blogger.

      My absence is mostly work related.

  2. You seem to be in fine spirits this is good.
    I'm glad Mrs.PP is doing well and hope to hear of her departure from the hospital.

  3. You have just used a phrase I have said to many a person in my life. "nothing is free" Often I have gotten a bewildered look because the person thinks I meant free as in money. Then I have gone on to explain you don't always pay for something with money...... "nothing is free" ... So much truth in those three words.

    Hoping Mrs PP's recovery stays on track and she is home soon!

  4. "We can choose our actions, but we cannot choose the consequences of our actions." - Ayn Rand

    Glad Mrs. PP is doing well. Continuing prayers.

  5. Glad mrs pp is doing good, it's worrying timebut having family around makes a big difference.
    As kymber says, sometimes it comes down to meeting the one (without wanting to sound soppy). I was lucky and mety wife at 18. Don't get me wrong a lot of work and effort has gone into our relationship over the years (probably more from her to be honest), but finding someone can be the hardest part.

  6. PP,

    I'm happy to hear your wife is doing better, and you have add support to help take care of Mrs. PP. Having the help from someone you can trust makes a world of difference, and allows you the ability to take care of other the farm.
    Give your sweet wife a hug, from an Oklahoma friend.

  7. Glad to hear your wife is better! Keep her away from the pitch fork for a while. :-)

  8. Glad to hear your wife is better! Keep her away from the pitch fork for a while. :-)

  9. I am glad that someone is coming through for you.

    I know a fair amount of empty nesters who don't seem bothered by it, but still.....

  10. That's a very sad thing, actually, and a lot of women were duped by the feminist "dream". In the end, it's all about support, not independence.

    Anyway, I've been a bad blog reader and did not know about your wife. Sounds like she's on the upswing, and I 'm thankful to know that.


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